University of Alaska Fairbanks
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Fairbanks, AK 99775-6640


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Spencer Tordoff
Major: Journalism
Standing Senior
Born and raised in Fairbanks, Spencer seeks to continue the high standard for the Sun Star set by his predecessor. When not mired in administrative and academic duties, he’s an avid storyteller who enjoys playing games with friends and spending occasional spans of time off the grid.

Kyrie Long
Copy Editor
Major: Psychology
Standing: Junior
Kyrie Long is a Psychology major at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  She grew up in North Pole and began working at the Sun Star in Fall 2015.  She hopes to become a licensed counselor in the future.  Kyrie enjoys solitary research and, when she has time, cellphone footage of Broadway musicals on the internet.  She also aspires to pursue a career as a freelance editor, a pursuit which she believes the Sun Star will greatly aid.

Sarah Manriquez
Advertising Manager/Photo Editor
Major: Art w/ Concentration in Photography
Minor: Music
Advertising Phone Number: (907) 474-6043
Standing: Junior
Born in Carson City, NV and raised in Honduras on the island of Roatán- traveling, culture and language has been a large part of her life. Originally she started college at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque as a Foreign Language major. Since coming back to school after a gap period of several years she has changed her major to art with a concentration in photography and is pursuing a bachelor of fine arts. Sarah enjoys being apart of UAF community and is a member of several organizations. She serves as the President of the Frozen Lenses Photography Club and is a member of both the Student Ceramics Arts Guild and the Honors Program. She also plays bass with the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra and is minoring in music.

Molly Putman
Layout Editor
Major: Art
Standing: Senior
Molly Putman is in her 4th year as an art student at UAF and is interested in digital art and graphic design, although she also loves to work in traditional media such as oil and watercolor paints. Born and raised in Fairbanks, she likes to spend her free time hiking, skiing, playing video games, and misusing her photoshop skills to mock coworkers and make memes. As layout editor and inDesign wizard for the Sun Star, Molly hopes to gain more practical graphic design and layout experience while becoming more involved with the UAF community.

Ben Ellis
Web Editor
Major: Computer Engineering
Standing: Sophomore
Born and raised in Colorado, Ben moved away as soon as he possibly could, living in Wasilla for a few more years before finally settling down in Fairbanks. He plans on getting his degree in computer engineering, and then to move on to a postgrad degree in biomedical engineering outside of the states. For fun he likes to fence, climb, paint, play games, and listen to music.

Josh Hartman
Staff Writer
Major: Biological Sciences
Standing: Sophomore
Josh is an undergraduate student at UAF where he is majoring in biological sciences and minoring in economics. He also writes science articles for the Sun Star, because he likes science a lot. Also, he thinks that scientists could learn many skills from journalism, which could be used to improve the scientific literacy of the public. Josh plays the guitar and enjoys listening to all genres of music, especially when he is procrastinating his actual work. In the future, Josh plans on becoming a neuroscientist and biology professor.


Erin Granger
Staff Writer
Major: History/Political Science
Standing: Senior
Erin Granger is in her last year at UAF. She will graduate in May 2017 with an Interdisciplinary degree in History and Political Science with a minor in Journalism.  Erin was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska but loves to travel and experience new places. In her free time Erin enjoys reading, drinking too much coffee, spending time outside and playing with her nephews. As a Staff Writer for the Sun Star, Erin’s central goal is to keep the public informed about this pivotal time of large scale changes for the University of Alaska and the state and gain further journalistic experience before applying to graduate programs.