University of Alaska Fairbanks
PO Box 750205
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6640


Phone: (907) 474-7540

Ben Ellis
Major: Biological sciences
Standing: Junior
Born and raised in Colorado, Ben moved away as soon as they possibly could, living in Wasilla for a few more years before finally settling down in Fairbanks. They plan on getting their degree in biological sciences, and then to move on to a postgrad degree in biomedical engineering outside of the states, before settling down in Ireland. For fun they enjoy fencing, listening to music way too loudly, and playing games with their friends.

Shia Diefotze
Multimedia Editor
Major: Psychology
Standing: Junior
Shia was born in New York but is well traveled due to growing up in a military environment. She has lived in Germany, Kansas, South Korea, Alaska, New York, and Georgia. Shia decided to settle down in Fairbanks shortly after graduating high school in Seoul, South Korea. This is where she resides with her family of three and actively participates on campus as a writer, artist, student, and activist. Her hobbies include writing, photography, graphic design, metalsmithing, music production, biking and working with animals.


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