Apple Store stalls out

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A suggested logo designed for the proposed Apple Store. Provided courtesy of Designer and Layout Editor Molly Putman. Photo credit: Molly Putman

In the past, there have been rumors of an Apple Store coming to Wood Center, in the former Polar Perk location. But as of now, those plans seem to be stalled.

“I do recall discussions late last year with Vice Chancellor Sfraga about the possibility of an Apple store but have not been involved in discussions since,” Colby Freel, ASUAF president, wrote in an email. “I reached out to the current vice chancellor and he explained discussions are currently underway with Follett to explore the possibility of expanding the products available in the bookstore as an alternative to opening an Apple or Windows store.”

What is now a study nook for students in the Wood Center was once a bustling coffee house. The corner lot on the second floor of the Wood Center has sat vacant since the coffee shop closed in late August 2014. Previous plans for the space have included moving the offices of the Sun Star, as well as the potential retail space.

“To my knowledge [the store] was the brainchild of Mike Sfraga, who has since left his position as the Vice Chancellor for University & Student Advancement and for some reason (I suspect cost) the project has not been advanced,” ASUAF Director Anvil Williamson wrote in an email, when asked how the project was proceeding.

While it is uncertain whether UAF will welcome Apple to its campus anytime soon, students seeking support with their Apple products can visit OIT in the Bunnell building, room 231 or call 907-450-8300 for questions and technical support.



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