Battle U-park: Members of Astral Winds live-action role playing club wage war in the gym

By Zayn Roohi

Photo Editor


Every Saturday, members of the Astral Winds club dress up in medieval gear and fight battles with each other at the U-Park gym.


Started in late 2000, the club is a chapter of a larger organization, Amtgard, which promotes medieval live-action role play, also known as LARP.

“It allows people to come out and basically play your standard archetypes of any RPG [Role Playing Game] that you’ve heard of,” Dieter Bron, club president, said.

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Members of the Astral Winds club fight with anything they can find: from fake bows to foam long swords to trash can lid shields. – Zayn Roohi / Photo Editor

According to Bron, the club meets for eight hours every Saturday. They spend the first four sewing or building their medieval garments, and the rest of the time fighting. Generally, the club splits into two teams and fights or plays games like capture the flag, according to Bron.

To ensure everyone’s safety, no one under eight is allowed to play unaccompanied, and all weapons must be made of foam. The club has routinely high participation according to Bron. 30 people were in attendence this weekend. Members are also encouraged to create a name to go with their medieval personas.

“My favorite thing about this club is how many people can get together and be a part of it,” Gwendolyn Brazier, said.

“It’s a great stress reliever, in all honesty, to be able to run around and get our energy out,” Kuroikage said.

When asked, most of the club agreed that the physical activity and club atmosphere were their favorite things. “If you have energy that’s built up, come out here and fight,” Draven said.

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