ASUAF Briefs – Feb. 15, 2011

Jeremia Schrock
Feb. 15, 2011

RISE update

Heather Currey, chair of the RISE board, updated the senate on the progress of several projects. These projects include a bike loan program, experiments with LED lighting and thermostatic power-saving cords, as well as in the installation of water bottle filling stations in the Wood Center and MBS. The RISE board will be updating the senate every other week and will meet regularly every Friday from 2:15-3:15 in Wood Center Conference Room B.

More professionalism

Senator Robert Kinnard III believes that the ASUAF website needs to be looked at, stating that he has spotted several typos. He feels that the site needs to be “more professional.”

ASUAF needs computers

The Internal Affairs Committee stated that they planned to purchase eight additional computers for the ASUAF office, including a new laptop for the senate clerk. They plan to prepare legislation to bring before the senate in the near future.

Weingarth removed

Senator Stefan Weingarth was removed from the senate due to absenteeism by a vote of 7-0. Prior to the vote, Senator Josh Cooper stated that he had spoken to Weingarth, who relayed to him that he did not have time for the senate.

Polar Express card legislation

SB 176-006 has been sent to the University Relations Committee. This senate bill would allot $500 to provide 50 students the ability to replace their worn-out or damaged Polar Express cards. The bill was put forth by Senator Kinnard III.

Alternative Spring Break legislation

This senate bill (SB 176-007) would provide an additional $1,750 for the Alternative Spring Break trip this semester. The money would be allotted from ASUAF’s rollover account. The bill was put forth by Senator Kinnard III.

Workshop legislation

This legislation (SB 176-008) would allot $450 to Seven Kibler for his system workshop project. This bill was submitted by Senator Ryan Duffy. It passed by a vote of 8-0-1.

Juneau legislation

SB 176-009 will allocate $1,400 from the Senate Projects fund to enable Senator Josh Cooper and student Monica Kunat to attend ASUAF’s yearly lobbying trip to Juneau. It passed by a vote of vote of 6-0-3.

Executive session concerns

Senator Jennifer Chambers moved to put the senate into an executive session. Tom Hewitt stated that according to the state of Alaska’s Open Meetings Act the senate could not move into an executive session without advanced notice and without stating their reasons why. The session concerned SB 176-009 and was ultimately held.

Publication board

The Publication Board will meet on Thursday (Feb. 17) at 2 p.m in the Sun Star office (Room 101 G in the Wood Center). The Board oversees the governance of the Sun Star.

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