ASUAF considers next year’s budget

By Jessica Hoffman
Sun Star Reporter

ASUAF President Todd Vorisek sent out the proposed budget for 2010-2011 via the ASUAF list-serve last Monday. The budget is currently in executive committee and has not been voted on by the full senate.

Among the major changes Vorisek bulleted in his e-mail were new and changed jobs, an increase in pay for student jobs and Club Council improvements.

One of the most expensive additions is the creation of a graduate student affairs director. Vorisek’s budget had allocated enough to pay for an $18 per hour, 20-hour per week graduate student position for the full academic year. Senate Chair Ryan Duffy said the pay rate for the position was cut almost in half to $10 an hour, but Vorisek said he had talked to senators and thought they were planning to change it back to $18. Vorisek said it would be difficult to find a graduate student who was willing to work for just $10.

Vorisek’s proposed budget also creates a Tanana Valley Campus affairs director who would represent TVC students and share their needs with ASUAF and the university administration. That job would be a regular undergraduate position, paid $10 an hour for 31 weeks.

Two ASUAF student positions were also budgeted to have increased hours. This year, the front desk assistant and clerk share 20 hours. Next year’s budget allocates 15 hours per week for each position. All of the student positions reflected a pay increase from $9.50 an hour to $10.

The budget also increased Club Council’s budget by $5,847 as a way to “improve and expand Club Council,” said Vorisek. The money would help fund an annual multi-club event around SpringFest. “What we really want to do is establish a tradition,” he said. Vorisek said the inaugural event, Club Karneval, is being held April 24 and nine clubs are involved. The other improvements to Club Council are an update to the rules of procedure so that the body is more accessible to students who aren’t familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order. The new procedures, which haven’t been made official yet, will focus on a consensus approach to decision-making.

Not all of the changes were increases to the budget or added positions. Next year’s budget also deletes two positions from this year’s. Vorisek said that the sustainability and recycling director positions were being removed because the tasks would be covered by the positions created by the SIREN fee, which is administered separately from ASUAF through the RISE committee.

Vorisek said that the budget also consolidated many items (such as senate projects), so that it would be more straightforward. The 2010-2011 budget has about 20 lines fewer than the 2009-2010 budget, he said.

Editor-in-chief Molly Dischner also contributed to this story.

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  1. Dustin Ray says:

    I’m a grad student working on my Master and I currently work at the Math Lab as a Tutor for $10 per a hour. I don’t understand why this grad student director needs $18 per a hour and full tuition waiver and health benefits. I would gladly apply for the position at $10 per a hour and a tuition waiver.

    It also seems to be important for student government to treat all of it’s student employees equal and to stress having students volunteer to help the government instead of throwing money at a problem they don’t understand.

  1. April 6, 2010

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