ASUAF Election Preview

 Sam Allen / UAF Sun Star
President and Vice Presidential Candidates:
1. Mathew Carrick and Colby Freel
Mathew Carrick, 20, senior economic student with minors in mathematics and political science

In addition to continuing to increase student engagement and advocacy, I have two main objectives. One is to return money to students, minimizing internal or administrative costs andreducing the rollover fund in order to put the savings towards directly benefiting students: club funding, travel funding, association projects like Nanook Traditions and so on. In my proposed budget, I increased club and travel funding to $50,000 each from $28,000 each last year, while also introducing line items like support for the Wood Center Food Pantry. My second main objective is to explore reducing the ASUAF fee for CTC-only students, who don’t tend to get as much benefit as College Hill members. I’ve already written a letter to Chancellor Rogers asking for the reforms necessary for this to become technically feasible, and it will be put to a vote of the student body next fall.

ASUAF needs to continue student engagement. This has increased dramatically in the past year, and for the first time in living memory all our positions are filled and we have a fully competitive election. However, there’s still progress to be made, which I believe is best achieved through involving ASUAF in worthwhile projects. By building a better association and focusing our energies outward, we attract more interested people. I also want to continue cooperating with the rest of the university, both here in Fairbanks and statewide. I’ve made a strong effort to do so this year, and I feel that’s paid off with more ASUAF participation and visibility as well as a strengthened ability to contribute to the future of the university and Alaska. We’re all on the same team in the end, and we have more to gain from working together!

Colby Freel, freshman theatre student

Colby FreeIMG_3307 (1)l Is a Freshman Theater major and has a passion for student government. He has been involved in many leadership organizations that have given him a great deal of leadership skillsand experience. He is very involved both on campus in general and within ASUAF student government. Being involved at UAF has given him an understanding of the issues facing both the University as well as the UAF student body..

Having advocated on the behalf of UAF students to the Alaska State Legislature, Colby also has an understanding of how issues throughout the State of Alaska Impact students’ lives. Issues like the state budget and Board of Regent’s decisions affect many aspects of students lives and Colby believes leaders within the student body should understand and be able to competently advocate for students in regards to such issues.

Colby also values the importance of the voice and rights of the individual UAF student. Ensuring students feel a sense of inclusion and empowerment should be the goal of any student government.

Colby appreciates you taking the time to participate in ASUAF and would appreciate your vote to support his ideals of competent leaders and a powerful student voice.


2. Colin Corsetti and Jasper Jackson

My name is Colin Corsetti, I am a sophomore in the Civil Engineering program here at UAF, anda member of the New Phoenix Party. I grew up on the coast of Norton Sound in the City of colinUnalakleet, Alaska. My hobbies include participating in a multitude of sports (volleyball, ultimate frisbee, basketball), reading novels, fishing, hiking and outdoors in general, as well as LAN parties with my friends. Having a background in multiple team sports, spending my summers working as a salt water halibut fishing guide, and participating in student government during my high school career has allowed me to build a very strong base for working with people. I have developed patience, the ability to listen, and learned to come up with solutions as a group, as well as the ability to recognize when someone needs to take charge and steer the group in one direction or the other. I enjoy meeting and talking with new people, and enjoy intelligent conversation. Time management is an important skill to have when working in any field and I place emphasis on meeting deadlines and making things happen when they need too. The New Phoenix Party as a whole, and myself as an individual, have no intention of playing by traditional political rules. We are all about representing the student body in what they care about, and will be available to you. Our intentions are to be a student government that you can access and utilize for the benefit of our campus and campus clubs. A vote for me is a vote for power. A vote for The New Phoenix Party is a vote for power.

Jasper Jackson, didn’t respond to requests for candidate bio information.

3. Sabrina Martin and Jessalyn Ginnaty

thebest (1)

Jessalyn Ginnaty and Sabrina Martin.

My name is Sabrina Martin. I am a homeland security and emergency management major with a minor in business and I will be graduating in the spring of 2016. I am a transfer student from Washington, and the 2014 – 2015 academic year was my first year at UAF. I am currently president of Socratic Society, treasurer of Model UN, a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and I work for ASUAF as the government relations director. I became involved with ASUAF in the beginning of fall semester 2014. Through my term in ASUAF, I have been involved with student advocacy on the legislative level in Juneau, conducted student outreach, served on several committees, and headed the government relations council. Since I am involved with ASUAF, I have gotten to know the ins and out of ASUAF and how it works. I believe that ASUAF needs new leadership in the presidential office and governance from someone that understands how it works. As president, I will listen to students and help them find the resources to compete their goals. UAF has a wonderful community of students, faculty, and staff and I want to support my UAF community to the best of my ability. I love UAF and I know that ASUAF can do more to support its students. A vote for Sabrina Martin and Jessalyn Ginnaty is a vote for better representation of students on campus.

Hi, my name is Jessalyn Ginnaty. I have lived in Fairbanks my whole life and have always been closely tied to the University. Even before I was admitted to UAF to pursue a degree in Mathematics, I had participated in events on campus such as the Going to College event for elementary school students, the Summer Visual Arts Academy, and other public events like concerts and lectures. These programs showed me the community that resides within the University, and because of them I am now a student here. Since UAF has been such an integral part of my life, I want to become a more active member of its community. As Vice President I would work hard to build an even stronger community by listening to what students want and helping them achieve those goals.

Candidates for ASUAF Senate:
1. Clay Allen
My full name is Clay Allen, 21, and I am a junior in mechanical engineering.
I want to be a senator in order to become more involved with the student base at UAF. I have worked on numerous outreach and research projects in the past with UAF, but have not work with the student body before. Becoming an ASUAF senator would give me the opportunity to help fellow students secure funding for numerous projects, clubs and travel.I grew up in Fairbanks, AK and have attended UAF since the fall of 2012 pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. I come from a multicultural household, my mother being from South Korea and my father from upstate New York. Over the past few years I have been involved with educational outreach and robotics, and enjoy working with students and the community. I would like to become an ASUAF senator in order to help students fund small projects and clubs that are related to STEM field. 

2. Bejamin Anderson-AgimukCandidate - AndersonAgimuk

I feel compelled to run for office because I noticed the deficit of Alaska Natives in student government, and because I feel the need to get involved in budget processes during this time of statebudget cuts. Quyana!

I am a Junior double-majoring in Political Science and Alaska Native Studies. I’m from the village of Chevak in Southwest Alaska. Activities of mine include ultramarathon running, practicing the arts of my Yup’ik culture, reading, and watching Vikings and House of Cards. I have a wide range of experience from Co-Chair of UAF Natives For Positive Change to working full-time on the 2014 US Senate campaign, as well as wildland firefighting.




3. Ryan Cain


I’m a petroleum engineering major and expect to graduate in May 2017. I spent time in the Army before attending the University of Florida and then transferring to UAF. I’ve always wanted to live in Alaska and have really enjoyed my time here so far. We don’t have the northern lights or salmon runs where I’m from. I believe wherever you are, it’s important to become involved in your community. The student government here at UAF has a lot of amazing opportunities, however not many students know about them. I would like to promote student awareness and involvement. Tuition isn’t cheap, and we should know what our fees are going towards and have a say in where they go. From my military experience, I have hardworking attitude and a great set of leadership skills. If elected as a Senator, I will do everything I can to get students the most fulfilling experience they can from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.





4. Leonard Kjera

My name is Leonard Kjera, I am going for a bachelor’s degree with a communications major and a linguistics minor. This is my fifth year at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. I was in Candidate - KjeraFairbanks for high school, my junior year of high-school was spent on foreign exchange in Thailand. My favorite activities include rock climbing, parkour, tabletop games and reading. I am a little on the quieter side, but I like to meet new people.

The election results shall come swiftly, and I plan to focus on assisting student organizations and student based sustainability projects. Increasing transparency between ASUAF and the student body is another a concern of mine. My leadership experience comes from multiple student organizations including creating the UAF Parkour and Freerunning Club, being the Pirate King (treasurer) for the UAF League of Extraordinary Fandoms. As a student and a leader, I have had experience dealing with others in the UAF community, and I am interested in serving other students.

I have joined with the New Phoenix Party because I want to help change the opinion of ASUAF so that the students are able to have more of a voice. I believe that ASUAF needs revolution in order to better serve the student population. This is a sentiment that is shared with the New Phoenix Party, we wish to see ASUAF change to be able to accommodate student needs with more force than it appears that ASUAF is currently able to.”


5. Lindsey Klueber

Candidate - KlueberGreetings, glorious individuals, my name is Lindsey Klueber. I am a senior biological sciences and art student born in Anchorage and raised on the Kincaid Park ski trails. I am highly adventurous and enjoy such outdoorsy activities as parkour, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, soccer and ultimate frisbee. I don’t like long walks on the beach but old taiga biomes are pretty cool. Additionally, my enthusiasm for being in the presence of people (read: extrovert) is only rivaled by my drive to bring about positive change in my community. Last spring, I founded and have since led the UAF League of Extraordinary Fandoms, a campus club dedicated to nerdtastic fun and community service. I have also served on the Honors Student Advisory Council as the historian and Anchorage Soccer Referee Association as a youth representative. I am a team player with experience in leadership and a positive attitude. Also, from fall 2013 to fall 2014 I served as an Orientation Leader and established myself as a knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated bundle of sunshine. I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper a far flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.

Together with the New Phoenix Party and as your senator, I will assist in drafting legislation to put pressure on Dining Services about the meal plan system, address sustainability concerns, stimulate student club and events funding and rebuild ASUAF to be a student government for the people. Your voices will be heard, and the change you want to see at this university will be given the full strength of your representative government.

You want a government that speaks for the people? We have a party for that.

A vote for the New Phoenix Party is a vote for student power.

6. John Parsons

I’m a narcissistic, power-hungry egomaniac. Still, in spite of my more flamboyant characteristics, I am also warm, friendly and easy to get along with. More importantly, I do more than just hear Candidate - Parsonswhat people have to say, I listen intently and I put myself in their shoes. I have been a member of 12 student organizations and served as treasurer twice, once at Latin Dance Club and again at The Office of Sustainable Resources. If elected, I, working hand-in-hand with The New Phoenix Party, will use my power to funnel money back into student clubs and promoting public events like Humans Vs. Zombies, Spring Fest, Study Abroad and more.

More importantly, The New Phoenix Party promises to tear down the bureaucracy and implement a new system: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid). We will do this in three steps:

  1. All meeting agendas and proposals will require clear and precise wording, not technical jargon.
  2. Student Government members will make their point in 30, no higher, vocabulary seconds or less during meetings.
  3. What the Student Government has done will be announced publicly on a weekly basis.

One of the greatest presidents in history, Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt once said, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

Following in the footsteps of T.R., The New Phoenix party will not stand idly by and do nothing with the power given to us. We will challenge those who would abuse their power, crush those who squander your tuition fees and drag into the light those who fail to uphold the promises that put them in office.

The Phoenix is rising.

7. Jon Quiñones

jonQMy name is Jonathan Quiñones and I am running for re-election to the Senate because I believe in the pursuit of student interests above everything else. I have and continue to work to establish scholarships so students have more money to apply for in an increasingly dire financial situation across the campus. Keeping my voice in the Senate ensures that all students have a voice in the Senate. I strongly support the re-distribution of our rollover funds that currently have no purpose, and as a member of UAF’s Green Dot program I am also working to reduce sexual violence on our campus as much as possible. I hope to continue to ensure that student paid funds are returned to the students in the form of club money, scholarships and any way possible.





8. Cordero Reid

I am Cordero Reid, 27, psychology student. The primary reason I want to be a senator: I love working with the organization and being a part of something so beneficial to the students as a whole. The real change we can affect on students lives is very rewarding and I am ecstatic to be able to realize that. For the upcoming year I want to work  with students whom have not been the most vocal and see what we can do for them and what ideas they may have for us!
In my time as an elected senator, I have seen many faces and wonderful ideas pass through the senate. I have helped and cultivated legislation that is beneficial to students such as the Joseph Thompson memorial bill in which we donated $15,000 to establish a scholarship for students, I also fought against the new Smoking Policy on the grounds of protecting students rights from unnecessary discrimination.

This year, I will be continuing my work with ASUAF regardless of my status as a senator. I really want to hear from the student body this election what they think about ASUAF and how we can better serve the Association.

I hope to do this in an elected capacity. Also UAF students are totally rad!


9. Brandon Richter – could not be reached for candidate bio.
10. Erik Rickards
Age 20, political science/philosophy (double major)

I want to continue being a senator so I can keep on finding ways to properly spend ASUAF funding. After one semester in office I’ve sponsored bills to fund Trancemonster, refurbish the Banner Room, buy laser tag equipment for student events and more. If I can get another session in, you can plan to see me continue supporting the SRC storage bill, the ASUAF free corn dog project, and any other student matters that might surface.
11. Sydney Rosenbalm

My name is Sydney Rosenbalm. I am in my third year at the university, I am majoring in applied physics, concentrating in technical management and a member of the New Phoenix Party. I ask Candidate - Rosenbalmfor your vote to become your student representative.

I bring strong representative experience to ASUAF. I was the sole student representative of more than 5,000 students on the Technology Task Force in my public school district, a task force responsible for determining the direction of technology adaptions in all grade schools for the next five years. I worked with a team of teachers, administrators, principals and superintendents. From this experience, I learned how important it is to communicate with student constituents, to faithfully voice their opinions and how to use my representative power to directly influence policy. I also learned how to communicate with educators and administrators. This experience makes me an invaluable asset to the ASUAF Senate. ASUAF’s weakness has been in its inability to impact university policy and be a true representation of the student body of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. I will change that. Talk to me, and you will hear the genuine interest I have in your opinions, whether that be dining services, parking services, making sure university services are easily accessible, club funding allocation, whatever it may be. I will be visible, engaging in conversations with students in places like the Wood Center long after elections are held, and have an active online social media presence to engage with all students. I will be your true representative. Vote Sydney Rosenbalm for ASUAF Senator.


12. Sam Schmidt

542244_541233685931598_579040754_nI am Sam Schmidt, a junior in the Elementary Education program, and a proud member of the New Phoenix Party. I grew up in Nome Alaska and I am a hunting, fishing, and general getting dirty enthusiast. I like to relax by watching Netflix, drinking quality beer, and reading the Economist.

As an experienced field tech team leader I prefer dealing with problem and people directly. I was able to run to top scoring JROTC staff position in high school. My freshman year in college attended the Conference Of Young Alaskan (COYA), a glorified think tank for the Institute of the North.
Although I portray myself to be experienced in political style fields,  I don’t mince words, and despise pomp and circumlocution.  ASUAF Student Government works hard.  Confidence is required to see results through. You can pedal a stationary bike all you want, it won’t go anywhere. ASUAF Government could do a lot more, and I think that we can get started.

The New Phoenix Party, and myself have no intention of doing any boot kissing.  We intend to represent all the students and pass a resolution on every action of the university. The goal being you can take your university troubles to the “government” and have us, represent you, hard. A vote for the Phoenix party and me is a vote a student “government” with teeth. A vote for the Phoenix party is a vote for student power.

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