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Present: Mitchell Davidson, Lachlan Gillispie, Jonathan Quiñones, Erik Rickards, Kayleen Hansen, Allyssia

ASUAF meets regularly to discuss the welfare of students on and off campus.

ASUAF meets regularly to discuss the welfare of students on and off campus.

Garcia and Mickey Zakurdaew.

Excused: Cordero Reid, Colby Freel, Matt Harris and Michael Magnan.

Absent: Chris Hoch and Eli Barry-Garland

Guests: Marie Wold, electronic musician.

Coalition of Student Leaders Representative: President Carrick was elected as the representative of the Coalition of Student Leaders Representative.

Senator and Quote of the Year: Senator Davidson was elected as the senator of the year. Senator Gillispie’s quote of, “Well, they come in a box, and we put them in the fridge and then somebody reaches in and grabs one and heats it up, see?” was chosen as the quote of the year.

For the Good of Students: A senate resolution written by senator Reid and detailing ASUAF’s continued support for the student body during budget cuts was sent to the Public Relations Committee.

Summer Senate: A senate spending bill written by senator Zakurdaew that outlines how the summer senate should act and be chosen, as well as how much funding they should be allotted, was sent to the Internal Affairs Committee.

Budget: ASUAF’s new yearly budget (now amended to show the additional funding Sun Star will be awarded) was passed unanimously.

Agenda: A resolution set to redo how the agenda portion of senate meetings is done was passed with a vote of 6-2-0. This resolution will make it so that the agenda must be adopted at the start of each meeting, making it similar to the procedure currently in place for the minutes.

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