ASUAF Recap Feb. 8

by Dianna Rupp

Sun Star Web Editor



Senators in Attendance: Lachlan Gillispie, Michael Mancill, Cordero Reid, Colby Freel, Jonathan Quiñones, Erik Rickards, Mitchell Davidson, Chris Hoch, Eli Barry-Garland, Matthew Harris, Kayleen Hansen, Allyssia Garcia, Mickey Zakurdaew, Hannah Witherington.

ASUAF meets regularly to discuss the welfare of students on and off campus.

ASUAF meets regularly to discuss the welfare of students on and off campus.

Senators Absent: All Senators were present.

Tuition increase: Chancellor Rogers spoke with the senate in regards to the proposed tuition increase in response to the loss of funding for certain parts of the university’s budget (particularly in relation to dwindling oil prices and the overall loss of the income they generated for the state), and answered any questions the senators and guests had in regards to the increase. Among these questions were whether or not faculty loss would be an issue, how departments were chosen for departmental cuts and how those cuts will continue to affect students, and services at risk of being cut that the university provides to students such as athletics or KUAC. In response, Chancellor Rogers stated that the chance of faculty loss was present and actively being looked in to, that the departmental cuts were assessed based on enrollment rates, graduation rates, and other factors concerning the overall productivity of the departments in relation to student interest, and that under concern for continued strain on the budgets, certain services are at a risk of being lost, should no other suitable sources of income be found. Chancellor Rogers went on to state that a tuition forum will be held on Thursday in the Wood Center multi-level lounge at 1 p.m. to answer any further questions students may have.

Confirmation of Concert Board Appointment: Kyle Milne was elected to concert board. Fellow nominee Taylor Morgan was forced to withdraw after the realization that she could not attend the meetings.

Appointment to The Senate: Colby Freel was confirmed and appointed to the Senate.

Printers, Printers, PRINTERS!: Two bills in support of purchasing a Xerox 6605 or a Xerox 8700 were vetoed unanimously by the Senate after it was clarified that a new printer had already been purchased for the ASUAF office, making both bills no longer relevant.

Support of Trancemonster: The Senate has elected to support the Trancemonster dance through the donation of $1,320 to be used for the purchase of music, a lighting technician and other such expenses. The vote was passed almost unanimously with only Senator Freel choosing to abstain for an ungiven reason.


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