ASUAF Recap–February 17, 2013

Ashleigh Strange/Sun Star Reporter
February 19, 2013

Senators Present

Daniel Strigle, Michael Golub, Sarah Walker, Michael Magnan, Ashley Stauch, McKinley Zakurdaew, Beth Steele, John Seiler, Simon Ortega and Mickey Wilson,

Senators absent

Will Collingwood

Officers present

Bryant Hopkins, Fred Brown and Corey Boiko

Brace yourselves

Elections are coming. Chaired by Bryant Hopkins.

Return of the pub line

Seiler proposed restarting the Pub Line,a shuttle service that picks students up from campus and drives them to bars around town. “It’s pretty cool because it’s essentially a bar on wheels,” Seiler said. “A bar in a school bus.” The price is $100 an hour for a minimum of three hours.

To keep costs down, Seiler suggested that  popular bars sponsor the bus for one night a month. Participating establishments would have ad space on the bus and be a regular stop on the line for that month.

A suggested cost for the bus is about $5 per person. Frietag didn’t like the idea of charging for services because students already pay the ASUAF fee.

There was some worry from Brown and Zakurdaew about liability and a meeting has been arranged with risk management.

Seiler also brought forward the idea of an ASUAF sponsored dance for students that were under 21. Venues are currently being scouted.

Games in dorms

Attempts have been made to reach Residence Life regarding the purchase of game tables and dart boards. More attempts will be made later in the week.

Safety, Will Robinson

SB 180-003 Promoting Safety and Awareness of Human/Robot Hybrids on Campus was sponsored by Seiler. The bill is to use ASUAF funds to create a RoboCop. The bill was voted down unanimously.

Speaking of unanimous votes…

Senator Zakurdaew sponsored legislation SB 180-001 “In Which There is a Spelling Bee.” It was approved to provide a group of students with the $300 they needed to participate in a fund raising spelling bee for the Literacy Council of Alaska.

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