ASUAF Recap – February 17, 2014

Kaz Alvarez/ Sun Star Reporter

Feb. 18, 2014

Senators present
Matthew Carrick, Eli Barry-Garland, Brix Hahn, Jordyn Houlton, Cordero Reid, Shane Poindexter, Ashley Strauch, Daniel Strigle, Sarah Walker, Lida Zakurdaew and Mickey Zakurdaew

Officers Present
Ayla O’Scannell and Michael Mancill

Directors present
Michael Magnan

Christian Burns-Schafer, Casey Peterson, Courtney Enright, Joe Hayes, Teal Rogers, Lindsey Dreese and Kemper Chabotte.

Book returns
Hayes returned the ASUAF copy of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Representing GAAP
Peterson represented the Great Alaska Accounting People by requesting ASUAF consideration be given to SB 182-003 “Funding for the Great Alaska Accounting People Tax Assistance Program” to support their student-run Voluntary Income Tax Assistance program. “It provides accounting students opportunities to get experience with the IRS in a safe environment,” Peterson said.

Additional funding need for aerial silks club
Rogers presented a request for additional funding from ASUAF. The Aurora Aerial Arts club is developing its focus to include more circus arts. There is interest in pursuing acro-aerobics and fire art. The new funding request will cover the purchase of eight new black diamond rotors to hold the silks and allow spinning. Without the rotors, students cannot fully rotate when practicing or performing. Rogers presented a budget detailing their efforts to raise funds for additional silk sets and the income received from membership dues. The new rotors will be $40 per rotor and the group is requesting funding for eight rotors.

In pursuit of a senate seat
Kemper Chabotte intends to pursue a seat on the senate by presidential appointment. Carrick threw his support behind the appointment. The appointment was moved to the Executive Committee.

Elections Board nominee
Saraya Coburn received a presidential appointment to the Elections Board. She is currently a part of Alpha Phi Omega as well as a member of the Traditions Board. She expressed that she would like to be more involved with ASUAF and that she has the extra time to commit. The appointment was moved to the Executive Committee.

Visit from the student regent
Enright conveyed the positive praise that was given to the ASUAF delegates sent to Juneau to advocate on behalf of UAF students. Enright also encouraged delegates to send thank you notes to the people they met with as well as send letters to senators to continue advocating for UAF. Enright suggested that ASUAF encourage students to become more involved in advocating for UAF to the state government.

Enright also invited the student senate to the Board of Regents meeting that will take place in Butrovich 109 on Feb. 20 and 21, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Public comment is allowed starting at 9:30 a.m. and lasts for an hour. Students interested in giving comment should arrive early to sign up.

For the good of the senate
Lida Zakurdaew submitted a bill to fund the purchase of official Humans vs. Zombies headbands for the spring semester game. However, in the Student Affairs Committee, it was decided that it may not be a good idea to fund the game through the purchase of headbands. Rather than purchase the headbands, they looked at funding different aspects of the event such as food for meetings or the prizes. Zakurdaew requested senate comment and suggestions.

Mancill sought clarification on why the bill was sent in. Lida Zakurdaew explained that the original funding request seemed sustainable but, after discussion, it became apparent that it was not the best route. “Buying the headbands would be more of a support to the corporation rather

Mickey Zakurdaew suggested that discussion of the bill be tabled and altered once club funding results were released. Carrick put his support behind funding the activity but expressed concern with having ASUAF purchase the official HvZ gear in support of a corporation.

O’scannell and Strauch suggested that this discussion be moved to the appropriate section of the meeting. Discussion was closed unanimously.

Mixing up the agenda
Mickey Zakurdaew motioned to suspend rules of procedure to move to the first reading of SR 182-001 “A Resolution of Appreciation for THE MAN, aka Joe Hayes.” The resolution was written by O’Scannell and sponsored by Mickey Zakurdaew to express the senate’s appreciation of former Alumni Association Director Joe Hayes’ contributions to students. The resolution would amend Hayes’ title of President Emeritus to include “Keeper of Traditions.” The new title does not bestow any new responsibilities on Hayes or authority.

After the first reading, Mickey Zakurdaew motioned to expedite the legislation to second reading without being considered by a committee. The motion was put to a vote and passed unanimously. Immediately, Zakurdaew motioned to suspend rules and procedures to move to a second reading of SR 182-001. The motion to suspend rules and procedures passed by a vote of 9-1-0; Strauch was in opposition. The floor was opened for discussion.

“He’s done a lot of work for students, and I’m sure he will continue to be in the future,” said O’Scannell. “We all owe a very big thank you to Joe. “

“I agree with everything,” Hahn said. “I want to be a sponsor.”

What comes with being Keeper of Traditions?” Lida Zakurdaew asked.

“This is a title that has no basis in reality,” O’Scannell said. “It felt like a fitting title to bestow upon him,”

This is a way of saying he was above and beyond everything,” Mickey Zakurdaew said. “It is not specified anywhere in ASUAF and holds no responsibilities.”

I’m in support of this resolution,” Barry-Garland said. “The phrasing is a little awkward in the seventh whereas clause.”

“I think that Joe Hayes is an awesome person and fully deserves any honor we can bestow on him,” Strauch said. “I don’t think we should pass this resolution as it is. It is really cute and funny, but it is not professional. We should not convey to students that we pass bills that are not professional. This is just not up to the standards that ASUAF should strive for.” Strauch also commented that the inclusion of Hayes’ affiliation with APO might not be relevant and the third Resolved line stating “That Joe Hayes will never be ‘stopped,'” be removed as well.

I agree with Strauch but definitely feel that Hayes deserves recognition,” Carrick said. “If it was written more seriously, it could carry more weight. Some of the wording is confusing. I don’t like that we crammed it.”

“I hope that my tone is not incredibly lighthearted in this matter,” O’Scannell said. “The line about the statue is a joke but it is underscoring the appreciation that I feel for Joe that many others share. “You all have the power to amend this, which you can do now. Overall though, the tone of this was serious. I included APO because it was a big part of the UAF community and his involvement was very big. I did leave out his work in state government.”

O’Scannell continued to explain that the “Joe Hayes will never be stopped” was the quote of the year from 1995 and is part of ASUAF history. “It references our history and that he has continued to support students to his utmost ability despite some harsh criticisms.” O’Scannell suggested that taking out the lines regarding the new title of “Keeper of Traditions” and a bronze statue reference, will make the resolution much more serious.

“First of all, if cute is wrong, I don’t know if I want to be right,” Barry-Garland said. “I think it is a fun bill that expresses appreciation to a fun guy. You might also want to throw in Trivia Champion.”

“It did cross my mind that some things be pulled but in this case, I don’t,” Mickey Zakurdaew said. “If you have ever had an exchange with Joe, you learn a lot, you got a story and some stuff got done.

Reid yielded talking time to Burns Shafer. “I like the bill,” Burns-Shafer said. “But I feel that it is unprofessional. It can be amended but a better approach might be to redo it and make it more focused on accomplishments.”

Hahn yielded time to O’Scannell. She explained that the reason it seems rushed is that the resolution was written quickly after the official announcement was released. “I thought it would be a nice time to do it since Joe would be able to attend its first reading,” O’Scannell said. “It was out of the hope of doing a nice gesture for Joe.”

“I think that, yes, its true that the wording reflected true interactions with Joe but future senators will not know this and neither will future students,” Strauch said. “I would like to see ASUAF improve its reputation.” Strauch moved to remove one whereas clause that included the line referencing a bronze statue. Carrick seconded the motion.

Hahn remarked that she would love a statue of Joe somewhere on campus or at least a bust.

“Although this bill seems to be rather controversial, we are college students and we are allowed to be silly every now and then,” Lida Zakurdaew said. “The majority of it is rather serious and good for Hayes. He deserves this. Why not keep it a little bit silly?”

Reid yielded talking time to Burns-Schafer. “While this resolution is well written for people who know Joe,” said Burns-Shafer. “You can probably reword the clause to say that we believe that he deserves a bronze statue without saying that we want one to be built.”

“I just want to remind everyone that we may be cute, silly students,” Strauch said. “But we are students with a half million dollars in our budget. I think we should recognize people for their accomplishments and not jokes.”

Mickey Zakurdaew motioned to close discussion and was seconded by Hahn. The motion passed unanimously. The vote to strike a clause failed 4-6-0. Carrick, Strauch, Reid and Houlton voted for the strike.

The senate moved back to the original discussion. Lida Zakurdaew moved to put the resolution to a vote and was seconded by Mickey Zakurdaew. The discussion was closed 6-3-1. Reid abstained. Houlton, Strauch and Carrick were in opposition. Walker abstained.

The bill was put to a vote and passed 7-3-0. Houlton, Strauch, and Carrick were opposed.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee met Feb. 15 to approve spring travel application forms and will release the application on Monday. The appointment of Kaitlin Dault to Concert Board was moved out of the committee with reservations about her time commitments. The committee did not vote on appointments to Parking Advisory committee in the absence of bios on candidates.

Internal Affairs Commitee
The Internal Affairs Committee discussed the approaching senate retreat. Committee members are also looking at doing the Year in Review statement soon.

Student Affairs Committee.
The Student Affairs committee met Feb. 16 to discuss the HvZ bill in depth and resolved to support club in another way that does not directly link ASAUF to the official corporation.

The committee did not realize that the funding request for GAAP was in their committee during their meeting and will be making a decision as soon as possible.

Manning the Elections Board
The floor opened for nominations to the Elections Board. O’Scannell reiterated her interest in participating on the Elections Board and shared her level of experience with elections. Strauch nominated Crystal Lore, April Mustard, Jason Hendrichs and Celie Hull. Carrick nominated Houlton, Jessica McLoughlin and Enright, though Enright declined her nomination. Hahn nominated O’Scannell. The nominations were voted on one seat at a time with each senator having a single vote per seat. The first seat was awarded to Houlton who received 6 votes over the 4 votes given to O’Scannell. The second seat was given to O’Scannell who received 7 votes over the 1 vote given to Mustard. Strigle called an end to voting before the remaining 2 votes were given.

New table dressings
Sponsored by Carrick, Reid, Hahn and Poindexter, SB 182-004 “Purchasing a promotional tablecloth” will allocate $260 to replace the current tablecloth with a new one featuring ASUAF logo decals.

Zombie game
Lida Zakurdaew sponsored SB 182-005 “Humans v Zombies Jumpstart Funding” to support a student run HvZ game on campus through the purchase of official HvZ bandannas. The cost of the bill would amount to $296 from the ASUAF budget. The bill was moved to the Student Affairs Committee.

Potluck funding
Lately considered legislation SB 182-006 “Forty-First Annual Festival of Native Arts Potluck” was sponsored by Walker and Strauch to help fund the potluck with $250 for performers and volunteers. “Approximately 5,000 people attend the event annually,” Walker said. “The event is put on by students, staff and faculty. It provides volunteer and student police to participate.” The bill was moved to the Public Relations committee for consideration.

Pushing bills through
Carrick moved to discharge SB 182-003 from student affairs and Lida Zakurdaew seconded the motion. Carrick explained that he wanted to discharge the bill because the relevance of the request was about to expire. Strauch also supported discharging because she did not feel the committee would have had any issue with the bill. The bill was discharged unanimously to second reading.

Poindexter motioned to suspend rules and procedures to move to second reading of the bill and was seconded by Lida Zakurdaew. The motion was then put to a vote and passed unanimously 9-0-1. Walker abstained. The bill was put to second reading and opened for discussion. Hahn motioned to close discussion and was seconded by Lida Zakurdaew. Discussion was closed unanimously. The bill was put to a roll call vote and was passed unanimously.

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