Briefly Stated: Summer Recap

Although many students leave for the summer, administrators at UAF use this period of time to make decisions that affect campus, including, budgets cuts, degree cancellations, and building repurposing.

The Alaska state legislator cut $8 million dollars from the University system’s budget, leaving UAF to bear $2.7 million in funding loss. This current budget reduction has already had impacts on UAF. The Board of Regents cut the economics degree, earlier in July. The decision to cut economics went against the desires of the faculty senate, which voted to keep the program.

Stevens Hall, a dormitory located on lower campus near the Student Recreation Center, has been closed for the upcoming academic year due to decreased enrollment.

Wood Center is currently under construction. The construction has resulted in the front entrance to Wood Center being closed, leaving students to use either the back entrance or Arctic Java to enter the building. This project follows up on the 2014 project which remodeled and expanded the western half of the building.

The University’s search for a new chancellor was completed early in July. The selection committee had a pool of twenty-four candidates from around the country, and narrowed it down to four, whom they invited to Fairbanks. The only finalist from Alaska, Dan White, was eventually chosen for the position.

Strategic Pathways will also be in its third and final phase. The initiative, phase 1 of which was started back in the summer of 2016, is a plan to restructure the university and create a more efficient, streamlined system among the UA campuses. Public meetings, with Chancellor White and UA President Jim Johnson for phase three, finished up on Wednesday, August 30. The Board of Regents will hold public testimony from 4 – 6 p.m. on Tuesday, September 5, interested persons can find out more at

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