Candidate for Lt. Governor visits UAF

Lakeidra Chavis/ Sun Star Reporter

April 8, 2014


Bob Williams’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor has been both intense and empowering, said the Palmer High School mathematics teacher.

Williams, who officially began to run for Lieutenant Governor in August, started a three-day visit to Fairbanks on Thursday, calling the experience “absolutely wonderful.”

On Friday, the UAF graduate hosted a booth in the Wood Center for two hours in order to meet students and talk about his campaign. In the process, he met two of his former Palmer High students studying petroleum engineering, the same field that Williams earned a degree in a few decades ago.

“I think I filled it out in pencil and turned it in,” he said, in reference to his application to attend UAF.

  Despite neither of his parents attending college, Williams earned two degrees and worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa in the late 80s as a math teacher.

He went on to continue his career as a teacher in Brooklyn and Nome, and eventually settled down in Palmer. In 2009, he won Alaska Teacher of the Year.

Williams said he can manage the stress of being a full-time teacher and running for office.

“I’m a teacher, so I work very hard to build a sense of community in my classroom,” he said, adding that he tries “to find solutions to problems that make sense.”

Keeping the election in mind, Williams has goals that he would like to see come into fruition.

“I plan to increase voter participation and access to voting, and to make sure it’s a fair decision,” he said. He went on to say that public education and the university are an important part of his goals as well, saying there’s been an “erosion of support of public education.”

Williams finished up his stop on Saturday, and returned to Palmer Monday morning to begin a full day of teaching, starting with a early morning class.

“I live in Mat-su, but I’ll always be a Nanook,” Williams said.

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  1. Cordero Reid says:

    Did he have other topics he touched on or was his idea of increasing voter turnout his only plan? The anecdote about education erosion I would’ve like expanded on rather than the biography of the candidate.

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