Construction season sweeps across UAF

Heather Bryant/ Sun Star Reporter
July 15, 2011

Its often joked that Alaska has two seasons: winter and road construction. For the University of Alaska Fairbanks, this summer has been laden with construction projects. From the major projects such as building the Life Sciences Research and Teaching Facility to repairs like fixing Moore Hall, workers are spread around campus.

What are some of the things students and faculty expect to see different this fall?

Arctic Health SNRAS Research Greenhouse:
The West Ridge greenhouse was removed in the spring of 2011 to make way for the new Life Sciences building. The new greenhouse will be located on the southwest wing of the Arctic Health Research Building. It will house the School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences. Facility Services expects the project to be completed in early 2012.

Arctic Health West parking lot improvement:
In anticipation of the increase in parking on West Ridge, the Arctic Health West parking lot will have the remaining dirt portion paved over. Lights and head bolt outlets are also being added.

Moore Hall:
At the beginning of July, Moore Hall and parts of the Hess Recreation Center were closed for emergency repairs. The concrete parapet that surrounds the top of the building began to break apart. The parapet was installed incorrectly,” according to Marmian Grimes, UAF’s Senior Public Information Officer. The age of the approximately 45-year-old building is also considered a factor. The parking lot was closed down and University crews are replacing the parapet.

 Hess Village:
The outsides of three buildings in Hess Village are going to be redone with vinyl siding. Porches and decks on the buildings will also be replaced.

Lathrop and Nerland Hall:
Old carpet and tile will be removed from parts of Lathrop and Nerland Hall. New carpet, tile and stair treads will be installed.

 Stuart Hall:
Bedroom windows in Stuart Hall have been re-sized and replaced.

 Cutler Apartments:
This summer saw that continuation of work in the apartments with interior renovations and the installation of energy efficient windows in Building 400.

 UAF Life Sciences Research and Teaching Facility:
The headline project for UAF is the Life Sciences Research and Teaching Facility. Construction began in the spring of 2011 and workers are currently working on the steel framing. The building will house teaching and research labs, classrooms and office space for life science research and teaching. The building is estimated to be complete by the fall of 2013.

For more projects or information check out the links below:

[issuu backgroundcolor=FFFFFF showflipbtn=true documentid=110715195312-79293c76bc644b2eb9513905ca1d7376 docname=campusprojects-summer2011-2 username=HBryant loadinginfotext=UAF%20Campus%20Construction%20Projects showhtmllink=true tag=construction width=300 height=194 unit=px]

[issuu viewmode=presentation backgroundcolor=FFFFFF showflipbtn=true documentid=110715195155-fc2d2988bc114b9b8e5b6921cf8cd420 docname=2011constructionmap_final username=HBryant loadinginfotext=UAF%202011%20Construction%20Map showhtmllink=true tag=construction width=300 height=194 unit=px]

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