Cyber Club: Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,
I would like to express a few concerns regarding the article “Cyber Security Club wins regionals, heads to nationals” published in last week’s edition of your newspaper (dated April 7). The first one being that the article has numerous factual errors. The online article states, “… and they are mainly composed ofLetters to the editorgraduate students.” This is incorrect, the team consists of only one graduate student. In fact, the National Collegiate Cyber Defense (NCCDC) competition rules specify that only two out of the eight team members can be graduate students. Publishing an inaccurate article online claiming that the UAF NCCDC team consists of mostly graduate students puts the team at risk of being falsely accused of not following competition rules.

The statement, “The eight member cyber security club…” inaccurately represents our membership. The NCCDC team and not the club consists of eight members. The team is chosen from the larger membership and club activities remain open for all who wish to attend. Shane Tachick was incorrectly mentioned as a graduate student, he is in fact an undergraduate computer science student. Noah Betzen’s last name was misspelled as ‘Betzman’.

Various members and myself did not appreciate the stereotypical computer nerd picture that was painted by the following opening sentence, “The Cyber Security Club isn’t the first thing that come to mind when the phrase ‘championship team’ is
mentioned: they do little to no physical activity…” I would appreciate that inaccurate facts that could harm a club are prevented from being published in the future.
Arsh Chauhan
Treasurer, Cyber Security Club

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