Dine 49 missing $4700 in dining ware

Sam Allen / UAF Sun Star

UAF students and employees have literally walked away with thousands of dollars from the Dine 49 cafeteria on campus.

“The missing plateware and silverware together comes up to about $4,700 a semester,” Glen Teets, Dine 49 manager, said.


UAF Dining Services reports that more than 800 plates and 500 pieces of silverware have gone missing since the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. Whether this is due to student theft or misplacement is not known. – John Moore / Sun Star

Since Dine 49 opened on Aug. 9 of last year, about 540 pieces of silverware and 800 plates have gone missing.

Dine 49, a part of the $28 million Wood Center expansion, is set up differently than its Lola Tilly predecessor. The dining area and dinnerware return station are outside of the cafeteria entrance, making it easier for customers to take their food and utensils to other parts of the Wood Center and campus.

Teets says the cafeteria has been talking with Residence Life to organize a “dish amnesty day,” where people can bring back dinnerware no questions asked.

The Dine 49 general manager says anytime anyone wants to bring something back and just drop it off in the dishroom, that is fine.

“There’s no penalties and no one is gonna seek any kind of discipline against anybody for bringing anything back,” Teets said.

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