Fun Star News Briefs

The following is satire and not intended to be taken seriously.

UAF’s journalism department announced a competition for journalism students to win a trip to the movies this spring. Three students will attend “The Green Zone” and blog about concessions, memorable lines and other noteworthy moments. Each will also write a story for the university’s “Aurora” magazine about his or her experience at the film and what it means for their journalism career. A spokesperson for the department said they would use a rigorous selection process – including an essay, video statement and interview – to choose participants.

A member of the Sun Star’s staff was injured in a snowmachine accident last week. The student dove off an electric snowmachine while taking it for a ride on the Gulkana Glacier over the weekend. Jesse Hoff said in a facebook post that the incident was caused by a failure to release the parking break before starting the machine. UAF students built the machine for the annual Clean Snowmobile Competition. It barely ran for the competition, but the team got it working after they returned to Fairbanks.

~Staff Report

In an effort to promote their importance on campus, ASUAF Senators passed a bill last Sunday, agreeing to march across campus during a one-hour period during the week dressed as giant condoms. On Thursday they set out, chanting, “We’re here to protect you!” and carrying signs to help get their message out there. “We’re effective 98% of the time,” read one sign. “We’re worth every penny,” assured another. Students passing stopped to watch in amusement.

~Sarah Richards

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