Game Grief: ‘Uncharted’

Ancient antiquities, globe trotting, and a race against impossible odds. These are just a few things you can expect when diving into the world of “Uncharted.”

Naughty dawg’s latest adventure into the “Uncharted” universe was surprisingly fun despite having retired the main protagonist Nathen Drake. This game focused on two characters that have been in previous games, Chloe Fraiser and Nadine Ross. The story follows the two as the search for the horn of Ganesh in the wilds of India. The game offers much of what expected from the “Uncharted” world: high adventure, breathtaking landscapes, and of course a lost treasure. While it may seem like a straight forward adventure game, Uncharted again made us feel for the characters and invested us into the game.

Much of the game play feels very similar to the first four, but the developers added a couple of new features to keep Lost Legacy fresh and fun. Adding an open world style chapter to the game made it feel less rigid and gives the gamer more of a chance to explore the landscape and explore the relationship between the two protagonists.

While the earlier focused on a straight forward run and gun approach, many of the of the encounters with enemies in this game focus on stealth and fiancé. This game also has a brand new weapon set, which helped it feel new. It was nice to see some old faces and throw backs to keep it grounded into the universe that gamers have come to know and love.

Whether or not you’ve played earlier “Uncharted” games, this game stands on its own. While this is supposedly the last chapter in the “Uncharted legacy”, I was happy to see the franchise go out on a high note. Over all I would give this game a solid 7.5/10.

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