Hard Truths: Spring sharing

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Spring is a time of renewal and change. As you air out and clean up your dry cabin after a long winter of tightly sealed doors and windows, move out of the residence halls or pack up for that summer trip I ask you to keep in mind the agencies that I’ve discussed in this column and the many more across Fairbanks that could use our help.

As the school year comes to a close and we all move forward to graduation, summer jobs, a visit home or even more summer classes I ask everyone to take a moment and reflect on all we have to be thankful for.

While I write this column it’s sunny and warm at 8 p.m., I’m comfortably sitting safe at home with a full belly and looking forward to the physical pursuit of my bike commute to campus tomorrow.

There are many across the world and in our community who don’t have the comforts of a stable home, easy access to healthy food or the luxury of extra time to bike the scenic route just for the hell of it.

This time last year a few friends and I pulled many car loads of food, clothing, furniture and housewares out of the dumpsters around campus. Hundreds of pounds of food, two mini fridges, four or five microwaves, seemingly endless bedding and so much more. We had evenings we just had to give up after one hall because we’d filled up two cars, four bike panniers and all our backpacks.

If you are moving or spring cleaning there are several places to take your things on campus to be sure they get reused.

The Wood Center Food Pantry has red collection bins in ASUAF, Wood Center, Reichardt, Butrovich, Academic Advising and Residence Life where any sealed food items can be donated to help out students in need this summer and next year.

Clean items of any sort can be taken to the Free Store at the Sustainability Center on the second floor of the Lola Tilly or in a collection bin in Reichardt. The Free Store is just as it sounds, donated items available for free in order to limit waste. Just about anything you may want to donate due to moving are the same things many students will be looking to find come August.

My sincerest thanks for reading this column. I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know a few of the people and organizations in Fairbanks working to make a difference locally and hope to continue the discussions in the future.

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