Kendama Club

By Zayn Roohi

Photo Editor


Every Wednesday night, members of the Kendama Club meet in their bedrooms to practice their juggling and spiking skills.


A member of the Kendama club practices ladning the ball during a meeting on Wednesday night. – Katherine Stark / Sun Star

Kendama is a sort of traditional Japanese yo-yo, where the goal is to balance a ball on one of three holes, or land it on a spike. Tricks range from balancing the ball in difficult places to juggling it back and forth between the holes.

“It’s just extremely fun,” Alex Kessler, Activities Manager said. “Landing a trick is unlike any other feeling.”

It’s a relatively new club, but already has more than 10 members. Although skill levels range from beginner to advanced, the real goal of the club is just to create a place to hangout and have fun, according to club president Jordan Scott.

“The goal is to have fun, show the kendama to more people and create a place where people can just come and mess around,” Scott said. Scott also plans to take a trip to compete in Washington or even Japan.

During competitions, students are rated based off of how well they can do tricks, and how hard those tricks are. Almost everyone in attendance agreed that learning new skills on the kendama was what kept them coming back.

“My favorite thing is just how much fun it is to see someone get a new trick, or teach somebody a trick,” Scott said.

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  1. Marshal says:

    I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I’m looking for a Kendama club, event, or festival to take my 9-year old who is interested in kendamas. Any suggestions on who to contact near Cincinnati? Any help is appreciative….

  2. KendamaGuide says:

    Is this club still going?

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