Letter from the Editor

Welcome, new and returning students and staff.  Welcome parents, leaving your first freshman with us, dropping off another child, or watching your last child leave home.  If you’ve picked this issue up off a rack on campus or in Fairbanks, welcome to the new school year.  And whatever your affiliation to UAF may be, THANK YOU for engaging with us today by grabbing a paper.

I am sincerely looking forward to earning your engagement this year by helping the Sun Star produce relevant, quality news each week.  We are doing our best to be a resource for all members of the UAF community, from student to system president, by recognizing good works and ensuring that the public has a chance to consider and discuss change before it is implemented.  We hold people accountable.

It is often overlooked that if journalists like those at the Sun Star achieve this end, the community those journalists exist within improves.  We become better informed and better able to take action that is in our best interest.  If we, the small number of students in this office, do our jobs well, the organizations, administrations and institutions at UAF have to do their job a little better.

As we enter into the fall semester, I want to thank you for your involvement in this process.  Thank you for picking up a copy of this paper today.  Thank you for searching for news on our website, and for joining us on social media.  Thanks for your letters to the editor, story ideas, interviews, comments, photos and feedback.  Thank you for engaging with us.

Your engagement helps us make a difference.  I look forward to working with you.


Lauren Danny Fisher

Editor-in-Chief, 2015-2016

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