Letter to the Editor April 28

Dear Editor,

I am writing to share my opinion on the department cuts going on throughout the UA system. No department should have to be cut while administrators enjoy large undeserved salaries. Working for a public university is a public service job, and we should not foster a society where administrators in these positions are rewarded with Letters to the editormassive bonuses while the university hemorrhages. Furthermore, why is the future of our university in the hands of people who are not truly active in education? What on earth does an Air Force General know about what a university needs? I would like to see what the Board of Regents believe makes them qualified as well. One of those tough questions I find myself asking is, “Why do educators and those seeking their wisdom have to suffer while the people at the top are barely touched by these cuts?” If they truly cared about the university they would slash their salaries (Office of the Chancellor makes $312,000 and President makes $320,000) and stop offering people bonuses they don’t deserve. A person of real integrity would never have waited on people to protest and lash out to decide that perhaps that bonus isn’t such a good idea during budget cuts, but it took protests and outcry for President Gamble to reconsider. President Gamble and the Board of Regents are an embarrassment to the UA system, so is anyone involved in approving the termination of academic programs.

Jon Quiñones, a concerned student

The opinions stated here are mine and mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the ASUAF Senate.

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