Letter to the editor: ASUAF student government election

We are the New Phoenix Party

The New Phoenix is a group of students who actively seek to be the true voice of student body of UAF in a way that has never been done before. Student engagement is a paramount principle of the party. We will be visible. We want to go beyond having a presence in theASUAF office, to taking our own time to talk to students regularly in West Ridge, dorms, Wood Center, CTC. Students have wonderful ideas, there is just difficulty in reaching senators. It’s a problem about barriers, not availability. As a party we want to take away those barriers. Something as simple as leaning over to the student we don’t know in class and saying, “Hey, I’m a senator with ASUAF. These proposals are being debated right now. Letters to the editorWhat do you think?” Our representatives come from several different colleges: education, management, engineering, natural sciences, and liberal arts. We are a good diverse representation of students of UAF.

ASUAF has extraordinary influence in university policy. The New Phoenix party will use that influence to the fullest, to direct the university in the direction students want.

Finally, the New Phoenix Party will increase club funding. Only about 6% of the funds ASUAF receives is budgeted for clubs. While an ambitious endeavor, we would like to increase this allocation to 10%, by reallocating funds from association executives and departments.

Our senator candidates are:
Colin Corsetti
Jasper Jackson
Samuel Schmidt
Lindsey Klueber
John Parsons
Sydney Rosenbalm
Leonard Kjera

We are the voice of UAF. #newphoenixparty

Samuel Schmidt

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