Letter to the editor – Gender neutral housing

Dear Editor,

As discussed in the article, “Co-ed housing slated for Fall 2015,” Residence Life will be offering gender Letters to the editorinclusive housing beginning next semester. Gender inclusive housing will allow students to select to live together regardless of gender. Gender inclusive housing will be availableĀ in Bartlett Hall and Cutler Apartment Complex. We appreciate the front page coverage and hope this letter provides additional information about gender inclusive housing at UAF.

The momentum behind gender inclusive housing is to provide housing and bathroom facilities that are a designated safe community for transgender students. However, gender inclusive housing is open to all residents and we encourage anyone interested in the community to apply. We do not recommend that any couple lives together in a residence hall room. However, students do not have to disclose relationships in order to live in gender inclusive housing.


In Fall 2014, we met with members of the Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA), hosted three open forums and provided an online form in order to gather feedback from students. We appreciate the time and effort of Brandy Flores, the GSA President, and the other members of GSA in providing feedback and guidance on how to best provide gender inclusive housing options on our campus. We look forward to our continued collaboration with GSA in the future.


We are pleased to join the more than 150 schools across the United States who offer gender inclusive housing options on campus.




Megan Connaghan

Skarland Hall Resident Director

Department of Residence Life

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