Letters from the Editor: All good things…

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This has been, it’s safe to say, one of the hardest, strangest years I’ve ever had the pleasure of facing. We started this semester with lofty goals and high hopes and though not everything we tried to do panned out, I feel that in making the effort we lived up to the storied 70-year legacy of the Polar Star.

As editor, I made it my goal to never be the smartest or most talented person in the room and, in that regard, I believe this year’s Sun Star was an unmitigated success. It’s in my nature to self-deprecate, but nevertheless I’m certain that the paper benefited more from my hiring selections at the start of the year than any of my subsequent administrative decisions. Between our editors, our staff writers and photographer and our lone archivist, we put together a newspaper that I’m proud of—and one that received a good number of complements from folks around campus.

My successor, copy editor Kyrie Long, has two years with the Sun Star under her belt. I won’t lie; she faces a greater set of challenges than I did entering the office, with sliding enrollment threatening our already shoestring budget. But I am confident that between the opportunity to learn from two previous editors and her own innate abilities, she will continue to hold the same high standards that have defined the modern Sun Star, and will ensure that our knowledge and practices are passed on to editors still to come.

I don’t know what my life is going to look like after graduation. What I do know is that, without the help of so many people, it would have been a much more dour, less successful experience.

To my parents; thanks for helping me make this sharp left turn in my life. To our administrators and advisers, past and present, thank you for the knowledge and expertise you have provided in helping me and the Sun Star succeed. To every student, staffer and member of faculty with whom I’ve crossed paths since arriving back in Fairbanks; thank you for your patience, your interest and your support, both in my education and in my efforts as editor.

And to the staff of the Sun Star; thank you for everything. Without you, it would have been a deary and undistinguished year.

See you… out there. -Spencer Tordoff / Editor-in-Chief

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