Letters to the Editor – March 8, 2011

Not doing enough

Each week I read you(sic) editorials.  They are overwhelmingly critical of campus structures and activists. The continuing theme is “you’re just not doing enough.” However, this week when I read your article about student health care, something you again feel “doesn’t doenough(sic),” I was struck by the hypocrasy(sic).  In the same article where you complain about yet another University structure that “doesn’t do enough,” you fail to even meet the minimum requirements to be an ethical journalist. You are so lazy as a reporter that instead of going out and finding community members who are effected by the insurance issue, you quote your own lay-out editor. Not only that, you use her as a pull quote. You’re not reporting on our community, you’re reporting on your friends and their views. As a student I’m insulted.  My fees pay you and frankly you’re just not doing enough.

James Austin

Start caring about the environment

I don’t understand why it is so hard to comprehend the simple fact that we are polluting the Earth and polluting ourselves, and that the impact of this pollution is destroying us as human beings.

Bills are trying to be passed by the House and the Senate to strip away the E.P.A.’s authority on regulating carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions, and there are still people in the U.S.A. who believe climate change is a fiction, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence confirming otherwise.

There needs to be a philosophical shift in consciousness in order for progress to occur, and that shift can only take place when we as human beings decide to turn off the Fox “News” channel on our televisions (apparently some 40% of Americans receive their “news” from Fox), and start thinking for ourselves in relation to the facts. The facts say that we are accelerating the natural warming of our planet, and that this acceleration is due to fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions.

From findings of arsenic levels over 100 times the recommended E.P.A. standards in coal ash samples taken from UAF’s coal-fired power plant, to Alaska exporting our coal to China (only to be burned in China and the pollution to be circulated through the air waves straight back to us), it is time to have our voices be heard on these important issues.

Christiana Wright

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