Looking Inward: I never liked the Pub anyways

Emily Russell/ Sun Star Columnist

April 26, 2014


To be completely honest with you the Pub is my favorite bar in the entire world. And I’ve been to a lot of bars. I’ve been to tap rooms, breweries, cideries (yes, those exist, at least on the east coast), and just about any other establishment that serves up a cold one. I don’t mean to give you the wrong impression, that I may be some sort of alcoholic. The simple truth is that I love and appreciate good beer and good company. And those are two things that you are sure to get at any bar.

I’m only 24 years old, which is young in drinking years, though I’ve been lucky to have experienced the beloved beer culture in Canada and Europe before I was legal here in the states. While I was in high school my family took a trip to visit my sister in Spain, where she was doing a year abroad, and we visited quite a few tapas bars throughout our trip. I lived in Copenhagen for a semester while I was in college, though I cannot boast that I visited the Carlsberg Brewery while I was living there, as my older brother insisted. I did drink a few $8 beers, which in 2009 during my especially cheap college years was outrageously expensive, perhaps limiting my beer consumption in Denmark. During the same semester I went to bars in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Scotland, and England.

Though less seeped in history and culture, since turning 21 I have been to plenty of bars around the country. I’ve enjoyed quite a few pints at quaint brewpubs scattered around Maine. I’ve enjoyed beers from the plethora of microbreweries that inhabit New England, with some of my favorites born and brewed in Maine. After college I lived in New York City, specifically Brooklyn, home of some of the hippest and tastiest beers in the world. Though beers in NYC bars generally cost you quite a fortune, the price of good beer and good company far exceeds the bill at the end of the night.

Following my time in Brooklyn I went on a 7-week trip across the country with a girl that literally wrote her college thesis on beer. The purpose of the trip was to hike as many National Parks as we could, which we tallied up to 13 or so parks, but I’m sure the number of bars and breweries we visited on that trip was just as high, if not higher. Some of my best memories were had at bars out in the sun in Ashville, NC, New Orleans, LA, San Antonio, TX, Albuquerque, NM and the list goes on.

Though the Pub cannot offer warm sun, a diverse crowd, or countless taps that run the length of the bar, it does offer the warmth and comfort that I thrive on in Fairbanks. And now that they serve HooDoo on tap, which is another favorite of mine, they’ve got a nice selection of beers to offer. Unfortunately I can no longer enjoy any of these pleasantries. I will spare you the details to spare my reputation, but I will admit to you that I was banned from the Pub last semester. I did something completely stupid and have regretted it ever since. Since being banned I’ve had to compensate in other ways, hosting friends and taking more trips to Hoodoo, which isn’t so terrible I suppose, but I do miss the place. I miss the West Coast beer selection, the rocking music, and all the company that comes along with the establishment. So the next time you’re at the pub order a pint of IPA and enjoy yourself for me.

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