Man on the Street

“How do you think the efficiency of Dine 49 has changed since last semester?”

-Zayn Roohi, Photo Editor


“The overall efficiency is definitely worse; the lines are longer. There’s a feeling of frustration and bitterness for the large amount of money that’s being paid and the low quality of food and service.”

– Frankie Dunbar, Geophysics Major


“I don’t like what they’ve done with the salads.”

-Diego Cabo, Senior Electrical Engineering student


“I think that it’s gotten better in terms of checkout time.”

– Emily Hartley, Freshman Psychology student


“I think it’s slower. Some of the people are really nice though.”

– Ariana Horner, Freshman Music Education student


“Breakfast takes forever. They used to make everything and you could take it, now you have to wait.”

-Samuel Kirchenschlager, Freshman Mechanical Engineering student


“It takes forever. They don’t even do breakfast the same.”

– Juan Avilia, Freshman Petroleum Engineering student

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