Man on the Street

“Can you name Alaska’s two Senators?”

-Zayn Roohi, Photo Editor
“Sullivan and Murkowski.”

– Elizabeth Hanson, freshman photojournalism student


“No. I just know Mark Begich and Sullivan because of the YouTube.”

– Nicolas Fernandez, senior mechanical engineering student


“I should know this… Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski.”

– Jessica Herzog, freshman natural resource management student


“There were two guys, they were fighting… Mark Begich and the other guy.”

– Tiago Valadares, junior petroleum engineering student


“Murkowski. And that Sullivan guy.”

– Heni Barnes, freshman geological engineering student

"The YouTube guy... Mark Begich." - Ianny Cruz, junior petroleum

“The YouTube guy…. Mark Begich.”

– Ianny Cruz, junior petroleum engineering student

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