Man On the Street

“What are your thoughts on Chancellor Brian Roger’s retirement announcement?”

-Sam Allen and Eric Bennett

JesseKleska“I was surprised, but as long as someone who is qualified and responsible takes his place, then I am ok with it.”

-Jesse Klejka, sophomore biology student

Mason“I don’t really care, as long as my program doesn’t get cut.”

-Mason Huffman, sophomore mining engineering student

Fredmonrean“If the gentleman is ready to go, the gentleman is ready to go.”

-Fred Monrean Jr., senior accounting student

RoreyHughes“I can understand stress and it negatively affecting his health, but it comes at a really bad time.”

Rorey Hughes, foreign language student

KatrinaKeese“I guess we’re in agreement [the Chancellor and I] because I can see the frustration in cuts being made that hurt students.”

-Katrina Keese, junior earth science student

HollyJeanne“I have mixed feelings about Brian Rogers leaving because half of me is alright with him leaving if, as he says, it’s affecting his health poorly with the university’s most recent decisions. But the other half of me is upset that he is leaving because it feels like he is leaving us to fend for ourselves. And what if the next Chancellor isn’t as capable, and makes poor decisions that doesn’t benefit the university?”

Holly Jeanne, senior spanish student

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