Man on the Street: Academic program cuts

Eric Bennett / Copy Editor

This week we asked students: “If it was your choice, what academic programs would you cut?”

Nathan Hiles“I don’t even know all of them. I don’t want to cut any of them. My roommate was a chemical engineer, but they cut that already. That sucks. You should probably cut the one that has the least in it.”

Nathan Hiles, freshman accounting student

Jose Trujillo“The one with the least people in it. I’m a physics major and there’s not many people in it. If it was cut, I’d have to find a whole new school. I’d be mad. I like being in Alaska.”

-Jose Trujillo, freshman physics student

Ruby Walden“I don’t believe any should be cut. This is an academic institution.”

-Ruby Walden, junior english student

Kishan Joshi“I’d cut accounting. Not that I hate it, I just don’t see many accounting students. I think we should ask high school students. We should be adjusting for future students, not the ones who already are in a major.”

-Kishan Joshi, engineering graduate student

Mitaly Chandnani“We should see which one has the least students in it.”

-Mitali Chandnani, geology graduate student

Brandon Richter“I would cut one of the CLA masters programs, just because there’s not a lot of people in there.”

-Brandon Richter, junior psychology and social work student

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