Miss Euphoria: Interview About ‘PRICK<<~~'

Interview with Miss Euphoria about: ‘PRICK <<~~
Interviewer: Miss Euphoria, tells us about ‘PRICK <<~~’ which, for readers who aren’t familiar with it, is happening on Wednesday April 22nd, at The Pub. Can you tell us a little bit about what is happening that night?
Euphoria: Yes, certainly. DJ Pika will be there and putting on a great music set. It will be MCed by Heather Warren, an MFA candidate who is graduating this spring. There will also, hopefully, be a short documentary about me called ‘I’m Pretty Sure I’m Gorgeous’ which was created by Rebecca Lawhorne, but is not completely finished yet. ‘PRICK <<~~’ started off as an honors thesis presentation for Eran Eads, a current English undergraduate who is about to head off to the

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Miss Euphoria prepares a weekly sex advice column.

Iowa Writers’ Workshop next fall, and spiraled into a fun poetry and drag-ish show.

Interviewer: Will you be performing?
Euphoria: No, Eran will be half-dragged and that’s as close as you’ll get to seeing me but I will be there in spirit and you will be able to see me in the documentary.
Interviewer: Are you a poet as well? And are you passionate about poetry?
Euphoria: Yes, I am! I am currently working on a poetry chapbook. Perhaps Eran will perform one of the poems from that collection but I’m not sure he’ll have time.
Interview: How did poetry and drag collide and form this dance party/reading?
Euphoria: Well drag has always mocked identity. I don’t think people realize that contemporary poetry does the same thing. It’s easy to forget that drag and poetry are both telling the audience “you are not the clothes you wear, you are not your gender status, you are not what you think you are!” The event is going to be very queer in every single sense of that word!
Interviewer: Why is the event called Prick?
Euphoria: Oh, great question. It sounds transgressive and works well and it has that hard K in it. Eran’s honors thesis is called ‘Swallow’ and Heather’s master’s thesis is called ‘Short Jabs’… the combination of the ideas within both collections seemed to be perfectly encapsulated by ‘Prick’. Also, punctuation is very important to both of them and their work, so we added ‘<<~~’. Donald Crocker helped immensely and it means the world to be able to have this event occur on campus. There are so many ways in which queerness is quelled at UAF and so it’s fabulous to be able to see this event happen on campus. There will be drag queens, drag kings and a lot of other fabulous identities. Come dressed as you want to be. That could mean dressing differently than you typically would or being non-conformist and being there in your regular clothes. I think everyone who is over 21 should go!
Interviewer: This campus is getting better about being accepting of queerness, I mean, “Miss Euphoria’s Sex Advice” is a good example of that, right? Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any final thoughts?
Euphoria: The Sun Star has been incredibly warm to my crazy drag-ness. I was so impressed with Lakeidra as the editor-in-chief and then when Sam took over I was equally impressed. They both took a lot of risk by publishing my column. I received a lot of positive letters from people but I know they received a lot of negative feedback. They championed a drag queen sex advice column in an Alaskan campus… how punk is that! I love it! Okay, getting back to ‘Prick <<~~’, it’s going to be a lot of fun and it’s going to raise a few eyebrows! It’s not just for the students, it’s for faculty and staff! It’s for everyone. It’s a dance-culmination of drag and poetry and I hope everyone who is able, will make time in their busy schedule for it.

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