Cross country running team takes first place in second annual Nanook Olympics

By Zayn Roohi

Photo Editor

On Saturday morning, all of the athletic teams met at the Patty Center to compete in the second-annual Nanooks Olympics.


Cross country runner Lyon Kopsack attempts to score while being held down by two skiiers. – Zayn Roohi / Photo Editor

The competition consisted of seven separate events: hockey, swimming, running, rifle, volleyball, basketball and a dance contest. Each sports team sent a group of three to five people to play every other sport, with the exception of hockey,
who split into two separate teams that each competed in every sport. The two hockey teams were known as USA Hockey and Canada Hockey.

In addition, the athletic department contributed a team that consisted of both coaches and administrators.

The USA Hockey team was looking to win for a second year, but was overthrown by both the cross-country running and skiing teams, who got first and second, respectively.

When playing their own sport, the teams were required to have a handicap in order to make it fair for everyone else that competed. These ranged from extremely hard handicaps, such as the swimmers wearing a onesie or the volleyball players tying their hands together, to easier ones, such as the basketball team wearing oven mitts.

One highlight of the day came during the basketball portion of the olympics, when cross-country running managed to go on a 3-0 winning streak before being struck down by the men’s basketball team. Runners started by beating the ski team in a game that was later described by their coaches as a “blood bath.” They then went on to win a game against Canada hockey, after it went to triple overtime, and ended in a penalty shoot when a runner was slammed into the ground by a hockey player and had to leave the game due to head injuries.

After beating volleyball in a relatively tame game, their run was ended in an 11-4 game with men’s basketball.

Another highlight of the day was during the volleyball tournament, when men’s and women’s basketball surprised the crowd by playing all the way though the tournament undefeated. The two teams faced in the final, with the women’s team taking the win.


Cross country runner Grace Weller simultaneously steals the ball while pushing a skiier away during a basketball game. – Zayn Roohi / Photo Editor

All of the profits from the Nanook Olympics went toward the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Tickets were five dollars, with more than 75 people in attendance.

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