Changing of the guard: UAF gets new janitors

By Ben Deering
Sun Star Reporter

The custodial services on campus are sold on contract; each contract runs for three years with two one-year options. The company previously responsible for the contract was ABM Services. UAF is switching to a contract with GCA Services Group, a company that has “numerous Fortune 100 companies as… clients,” according to their site.

ABM’s contract expired June 30, so the custodial contract went up for public bid in July, with proposals closed in August. According to Martin Klein, the business manager for Auxiliary and Contract Services, “the contract is awarded with two parts: proposal is 50 percent, price is 50 percent.” Each company submitted a proposal that “told us how they planned on cleaning,” Klein said. GCA scored the highest in the proposal category, as well as having the lowest price.

Responses to the switch have been mostly positive. “We have to give them a little more time,” said Wendy Frandsen, Fiscal Manager at the Rasmuson Library. “It’s a switch, and there are going to be some glitches. But no serious problems at all. And I will say that it’s nice to call and there’s someone around during the day.”

There are also some changes in the contract structure. Previously, there have been building inspectors, but the framework was spotty at best. In the new contract, the building inspectors will double over all the buildings, and build a “comprehensive report,” Klein said. “Every quarter, we’ll sit down with them and go over missed points… you did well with the bathrooms, but the water fountains are getting missed…”

The new contract will not cover all of UAF’s buildings. The CTC and the main campus will be cleaned by GCA, but an additional seven off-campus buildings will be cleaned under a separate, local contract.

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