News Briefs, Jan. 19

By Sarah Richards
Sun Star Reporter

Outdoor Adventures
Outdoor Adventures has released its spring schedule, which will include the usual skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, rock climbing, and hiking, including a trip to one of the interior’s glaciers. Unlike previous years, it will not be holding a spring canoe trip.

Despite the lack of the usual Delta-Clearwater float, Outdoor Adventures will still be offering canoe trips in the fall, and may resume its spring trip in the future if appropriate instructors and gear can be found.

According to Coordinator Mark Oldmixon, at least one person falls in each year, so he would like to see all participants wearing dry suits in the future, just in case. Until then, he feels that providing a mix of different activities will benefit the program and the students.

To view the current Outdoor Adventures activity schedule, you can visit its website at

Dividend donations
Wondering what to do with that free money Alaska gives out every October?

As a resident, you have the opportunity to support nonprofits, community foundations, and our very own university system through the PFD Charitable Contributions Program, also known as “Pick. Click. Give.”

Last year, over 5,000 Alaskans donated $545,000 to various causes, so expectations are high for the second year of the program. When you file online, you can choose to donate all or part of your dividend, starting at $25, to the organization of your choice.

For a complete list, you can visit

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