‘Nook on the Street, Aug. 30

Lida Zakurdaew / Sun Star

What are you looking forward to?

-Lida Zakurdaew

Zachary Wilkinson

“Well, I’d like to see the aurora borealis.” – Zachary Wilkinson, Computer Engineering

Jussi Juola“Lots of snow.” – Jussi Juola, Civil Engineering

Emiliana Tonini“Definitely the snow and the aurora borealis.” – Emiliana Tonini, Biology

Madison Hicks“Being with my friends. And they have my program.” – Madison Hicks, Marine Biology

David Shilhea“I’m looking forward to living a year on my own because it would be the first time that I’ve done that. It would be interesting to figure out what happens.” – David Shilhee, Biological Sciences

Kyle Tam“What I’m most excited about is getting to meet my professors.” – Kyle Tam, Computer Engineering

Jalen Cox“Oh man, probably all the opportunities for being out. I really enjoy the winter. I really enjoy climbing and all that. Just taking advantage of the facilities.” – Jalen Cox, Geoscience

Cody Keith“I’m excited to be able to take the classes I want to and be able to get a more personalized education.” – Cody Keith, Petroleum Engineering

Sydney Deering“I’m really excited to be able to actually pursue things that I’m interested in, and to actually take classes that I want to take and not that you have to take to graduate.” – Sydney Deering, Mining and Petroleum Engineering

“Getting a degree.” – Hunter Lewis

Do you have any fears about your first year at UAF?

DSC_7309“Screwing up like I did in high school. Like not doing homework and then also nearly failing a lot of classes. I moved around a lot when I was a kid so meeting new people isn’t a hard thing for me to do. And also I have everything moved in already, so it’s fairly smooth.”

– Graham Hiles


– Hunter Lewis, Mechanical Engineering

DSC_7312“Taking too many credits, maybe. Like if I have too big of a workload. That’s really my only worry.”

– Micah Sterling, Fire Science

DSC_7313“I guess not really talking to other people. Just not making friends is my biggest fear. That’s it.”

– Stepheena Smith, Social Work

DSC_7314“Probably just not, like, making friends.”

– Sara Ozenna

DSC_7316“Yes. Like failing classes. Being able to finance all the classes that I want to go to.”

– Jaloria Thomas, Pyschology

“Going Broke.” – Zachary Wilkinson, Computer Engineering

“Passing all the courses.” – Jussi Juola, Civil Engineering

“Probably just getting lost in the campus, but that’s about it. Oh, and facing a grizzly.” – Emiliana Tonini, Biology

“Freezing. It was like 36 degrees this morning.” – Madison Hicks, Marine Biology

“I don’t really think I fear anything for the first year. It can’t be that bad.” – David Shilhee, Biological Sciences

“My fears are either studying too hard or not enough.” – Kyle Tam, Computer Engineering

“Just not studying. Just sitting around, not doing the work you need to do. You just gotta push yourself I guess.” – Jalen Cox, Geoscience

“Probably socializing.” – Cody Keith, Petroleum Engineering

“Getting acquainted with new people. You gotta meet people, and you will, it’s just the in-between period is not going to be fun. So I guess that’s my biggest fear, just riding through that.” – Sydney Deering, Mining and Petroleum Engineering

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