‘Nook on the Street, Sept. 6

Kyrie Long / Sun Star

What do you think of the name of Mt. McKinley being officially changed to Denali?

-Kyrie Long


“I wasn’t really aware of it actually.”

– Meghan O’Neill, Psychology

Junior Jesse Keller Mathematics

“I like it.  I don’t even think [McKinley had ever] been to Alaska. Maybe he has. Considering Denali has been here for longer than he was President, I like it.”

– Jesse Keller, Mathematics

Freshman Ethan Cadzow General Studies

“I think that’s a good idea.”

– Ethan Cadzow, General Studies

Freshman Jasen Fernsler Buisness Administration

“Personally, I’m not from here, but I think it’s a good thing… I mean, it’s a pretty historic landmark, but if it’s going back to what it originally is, I think that’s best for everybody. I think everyone will respond well to it.”

-Jasen Fernsler, Business Administration

Sophomore Steven McGraw History

“I like it. I think it’s respectful to the Native Alaskans and I honestly don’t think we should have named it Mt. McKinley. I mean, what did he even do?  He ran for president and did some stuff.”

– Steven McGraw, History

Sophomore Dennis Barril Fisheries Biology

“I’m not really too sure how I feel about that. I’m kind of wishy-washy about it. I don’t mind that it’s being changed back, but then again I didn’t really have any liking to McKinley anyway.”

-Dennis Barril, Fisheries Biology

Sophomore Jordan Scott Petroleum Engineering

“I’m glad.”

– Jordan Scott, Petroleum Engineering

Sophomore Kennedy DemboskiBiological Sciences

“I’m happy about it.”

– Kennedy Demboski, Biological Sciences

Sophomore Aimee BushnellBuisness Administration and Spanish

“I really like it. I actually thought that Denali had been it’s name for awhile, but apparently it was just under discussion. It’s nice to have it be called “The Great One” again as per Native Alaskan terms instead of after someone who really didn’t do much for Alaska.”

– Aimee Bushnell, Business Administration/Spanish

Sophomore Carl Burnside Marine Biology

“I like it. I think it’s a lot more relevant. I think it being named after McKinley was kind of irrelevant to Alaska and I don’t think he really had a lot to do with Alaska. So, I think it’s a lot more fitting to change it back to Denali.”

– Carl Burnside, Marine Biology

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