FUN STAR: Ocarina music piece to represent UAF


Photo courtesy of Zelda.

By David Spindler

Sun Star Reporter

(This piece satirical and should not be taken seriously.)

Dante Rosalez, a freshman student majoring in music education at UAF had the idea of putting together a musical piece to represent UAF using only an ocarina which he ordered on awhile back.

He originally brought the idea to one of his fellow classmates Susie Horn, a freshmen student also majoring in music. He has yet to inform the rest of the campus of his idea but for now he is currently still practicing with finding the right tune.

“I’m close I think. I can almost feel the flow of the notes through my head,” Rosalez said. “To save myself some time and energy I also bought myself a hard copy of “100 new songs for the Ocarina” to help me come up with my own idea.” Rosalez is keen to present his music piece as early as late April of this semester in hopes that if he succeeds in playing it right, he will be able to manipulate time by turing the clock back and forth so as to help other students get in more study time before finals start in May. “I’m hoping to come up with a music beat that gets students motivated every day but the downside of this idea is that if I play it at the wrong convenient time, so will time reverse backwards at the wrong convenient time I’d like,” Rosalez said. “I want to make sure there is enough time for students to get in the extra time that they need for studying.”

According to Rosalez, playing music on a ocarina is not as simple as it looks. By definition, an ocarina is considered one of the oldest of the family instruments dating back over twelve thousand years. Rosalez chose to go right ahead and learn by using numerical tablature because its typically for beginners who haven’t yet learned how to play an Ocarina. On campus, certain music instruments like the flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon kind represent an ocarina because all have holes on the top or bottom but the ocarina is considered the smallest out of all of them.

“I’m all about getting this right for the first time,” Rosalez said.

If you’d like to hear Rosalez perform is final piece using his ocarina, he will be playing at the Cornerstone Plaza April 30th. As an added bonus its possible Rosalez could be selected as the opening act for Sammy Adams, the springFest concert musician. However, Rosalez does still plan to perform his piece on April 30th. Fair warning, if his musical piece doesn’t sound on beat, all students could be forced back in time as far back as the beginning of the spring semester but unless he plays it right, time will revert back only by two weeks prior to the start of finals week. Downside is he may never get to be selected to perform in the Springfest concert if he keeps on sending us back in time to the start of the semester, all because of his ocarina.


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