Parking Services offices to merge

By Sarah Richards
Sun Star Reporter

Parking Services, currently operating from two offices, one in the Eielson Building on-campus and the other in the Aurora Building on Marika Drive off College Road, will be combined and re-located to become a single office in the Facilities Services Building. The move is scheduled to happen during the first or second week of February, said Martin Klein, associate director of Transportation and Parking Services.

There are two reasons for this move, Klein said. He pointed to the inconvenience of operating out of two locations, but added “the real reason we’re doing this is because we’re moving to a new online system.” The new system will allow students to file an appeal, buy permits, update vehicle information, view history, and pay tickets from any location.

When purchasing a permit online, students will be able to easily choose how to go about obtaining it, including pick-up at Parking Services, Tanana Valley Campus Center, PolarExpress office, or in your mailbox. Currently, the default pick-up location is Eielson, but Parking Services is working to expand to additional options. “We envision people using the new system so less people are standing in line,” Klein said.

Customer service will be available through an instant chat feature on the Parking Services website that allows students to interact directly with employees during business hours. After hours, messages can be left for staff to respond the following morning. For easier transition, a Parking Services employee will be stationed in the PolarExpress office during the fee payment and registration period.

Klein pointed out a benefit to the switch is flexibility for busy students with different schedules, and added, “Parking Services is now any computer that has access to the web.”

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