Police battle ice storm

by Heather Penn

Sun Star


UAF officers had their hands and cars full during Monday’s ice storm. Numerous calls came into the station of stranded cars and people.

The ice had been wreaking havoc all over campus and surrounding areas. Officers gave aid to those who called in as timely a matter as the weather would allow. Several people called the station asking for help in walking to their destinations on campus.uafpolicedepartmentwhitakerbuilding

Officers picked up and ferried stranded people around campus and outlying areas like Farmers Loop. On a return trip from helping a car that slid off the road, officers were flagged down by students trying to walk the treacherous bike path back to campus.  Officers picked them up and ensured they arrived safely back to MacLean House.

While handling calls from around campus, officers also provided assistance to the Alaska State Troopers who had all their SUV’s tied up with other incidents. Several people were stranded at the bottom of Ballaine Hill.

One car was in the ditch and numerous others were unable to advance the hill any farther. Making multiple trips, officers assisted the stranded drivers and passengers. They then handed the people off to other UAF officers who were waiting at the bottom of the hill to transport them home.

The cars that could be pulled from ditches were those that couldn’t were left to be dealt with when the weather permitted. All in all it was a busy night but the ice certainly didn’t freeze the UAF police department’s thoughts on stewardship and duty to the people.


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