Professor of the Week: Stephan Golux

Stephan Golux poses in his office in the theatre department. Photo by Jesse Hoff/The Sun Star

By Jesse Hoff
Sun Star Contributor

Name: Stephan Golux
Department: Theatre

How many years have you been teaching at the University?

“ I’ve only been teaching here since August of this past year, so less than one year, one semester.”

How do you like the University so far?

“It’s hard for me to compare this to other working environments. I’m not used to the rather intensive bureaucratic and institutional framework; I’ve been a freelancer for the last 23 years, working for myself. I kind of like the womb of support that is here and sometimes I chafe a little bit at the paperwork.”

Tell me a little about the classes you’re teaching this semester?

“ I’m teaching two classes this semester. One is the intermediate acting class and the other class is the stage directing class.”

How long have you been teaching acting?

“I have taught scores if not hundreds of master classes in acting. I’ve taught at summer camps, I’ve taught at conservatories, but in every case in this freelance life I’ve had up to this point, I’ve been contracted for a very particular teaching job and it has never been curricular prior to this. So I’ve never given anyone a grade before.”

How was that experience for you, your first time giving out grades?

“A little bit stressful.”

What do you want your students to take away from your classes?

“I think the best thing for the arts in general is that there is an experiential appreciation both for the creation of the art, for the inspiration that leads to the art, and for the experience of consuming the art.”

With that said, what qualities do you feel make a good student?

“For me it has to do with inquisitiveness and persistence, a spirit of inquiry and a spirit of persistence. Discipline can be very helpful but there are some great students that are not so disciplined. I don’t think you can get very far without persistence and curiosity in this field.

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