Review of Homecoming by Sammy Adams

By Wyatt J. Wilcher



Perhaps the most positive thing about Homecoming by Sammy Adams is  the music on the album is very inviting for a party. Homecoming is Adam’s second and most recent EP. It was released on November 19, 2013. Before I get into the actual music of it all, I just want to comment on the idea of releasing two EPs, and not releasing an actual full LP. Honestly, I think this length of the album fits the kind of vibe that Sammy is trying to put in the music and lyrics. You see, by

Album cover courtesy of Sammy Adams.

Album cover courtesy of Sammy Adams.

having a short album of songs about nothing but partying, Adam’s doesn’t beat around the bush, and puts out a vibe and a message of “Let’s party, have a good time, and just forget about our troubles in life.” I think this really works in a shorter form, so that it doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Now, onto the actual review of the music. What I find to be the biggest weakness of this album is also its biggest strength. All of the songs sound very similar, and seem to convey the same message. That message, is to just have a good time all of the time. Songs like “Awesome” sound the same as the songs before and after it on the album. Now, is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. You see, I can understand people wanting to have a good time with their music. That’s the main reason that people listen to all types of music. It’s to entertain yourself and to have a good time expressing what you feel about life in an audio form. I get it. However, I found this album to be generic. This doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It just means that this album does nothing new for contemporary hip hop. It’s just like every Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West album. Now, is this Adam’s fault? No. He’s just making the music that he loves to make, and is writing lyrics about the topics that he thinks expresses himself best as an artist and a person. It’s just that this is the kind of hip hop that people have already heard before, is all over mainstream pop radio, and is played at every party and dance club.

I find it somewhat ironic that in one of the songs off the album, “Waste”, Adams raps a lyric that goes like “Seems easy to say f— it and get wasted But if you get a chance to change don’t waste it”. The reason I find this ironic is because of the fact, in the song, Adam’s is talking about change, yet this album doesn’t change very much from song to song, it doesn’t change in subject matter or rhythmic style, and it certainly doesn’t change the contemporary hip hop genre, but it’s a good, albeit average, time that one can have while listening to it, if that’s your sort of thing. Now, keep in mind, I am mostly a hard rock and heavy metal fan, so maybe this album, and, more specifically, this kind of music just isn’t for me. However, one thing’s for sure. When Sammy plays at UAF on April 24th, it’s going to be one big party.

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