Res Life hosts 10th annual Sexual Responsibility Week

by Victoria Ellby

The Sun Star


The week leading up to Valentine’s Day marks a decade old tradition at UAF of activities that aim at educating the student body about sexual responsibility.


Student hangout during the Hours After Breakfast event, which was a part of sexual responsibility week. – Victoria Elleby / Sun Star

Craft night kicked off the week on Sunday at the Hess Rec and continued to Tuesday with a condom give away in MBS. Wednesday included Love Off Key Karaoke and a fun night of mock tails, while Thursday students crowded around for blueberry pancakes and breakfast food, accompanied by sexual trivia.

Presented by the Department of Residence Life, sexual responsibility week started in 2005 as a way to formally educate students about sex in an environment where they felt comfortable and could ask questions. The activities describe all forms of safe sex, including abstinence, contraceptives and STD prevention. Describing a variety of different methods allows students to make their own choices about sexual activity but promote awareness and responsibility.

Most of the activities are lead by residence assistant directors and residence assistance.

“It was very easy to relate to the residence assistants because they are our age and informed about what we really care about,” Grant Cummins, junior petroleum engineering student, said. “It forces students to talk about things they don’t usually want to discuss in a fun and safe environment.”

The Thursday night trivia and after hours breakfast attracted many students who were excited to answer questions and eat the delicious blueberry pancakes. “The food attracted me, but I left remembering the facts from the trivia game like how many condoms were used per year,” Cummins said.

“We have been educated about sex our lives by adults, so it was refreshing to learn and discuss things with my peers,” sophomore Mark Stoller said.

Jamie Abreu, the residence life director, has been helping to make this event possible since it began. “We don’t like to stay stagnant with the activities, as the student population changes every year. We like to change the event.” With incorporation from the health center for information and the residence assistance, the department worked very hard to plan and make every night enjoyable for the students of campus, according to Abreu.

She said an event every night of the week makes it easy for students with busy schedules to find an event to attend.


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