The Pub switches things up with Valentines Day ‘speed meeting’ event


Multitudes of students showed up to the bar Thursday night for the annual Speed Meeting event, where students have between 30 seconds and five minutes to meet other students like them. – Chris Hoch / Sun Star

by Chris Hoch

The Sun Star


Roughly 25 people met at The Pub during its Speed Meeting event on Feb. 12.

Speed meeting is just like speed dating, but there’s no pressure to form a romantic connection; instead there is the opportunity for someone who’s new in town to make friends or for those who have been here for a while to make new connections. At the same time, the opportunity to develop a romantic connection hasn’t been taken away. And it’s free.

“It could be better if there were more people, but it’s fun,” a male UAF student with a nametag that said “Torv” said. He usually goes to The Pub on Thursday nights after his mountaineering class ends and then goes for karaoke afterwards at the Marlin, but not tonight. Tonight he’s doing speed meeting.

“In the past we’ve had 40 to 50 show up,” Pub Manager Donald Crocker said. Crocker expected the number of attendees based on the number of online sign up forms which were filled out.

Crocker came up with the idea for a speed dating event when he worked in The Pub as an undergraduate student. The event was changed from speed dating to speed meeting because Crocker wants to ensure that everyone can be involved, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

“[There’s] usually a lot of dudes,” Crocker said. A switch to speed meeting also means that more people can participate at one time and the over represented gender doesn’t have to wait as much. Speed meeting participants can meet each other for time ranging between 30 seconds to five minutes. Last year two men decided to join the speed dating event at the Pub as a team, which upset a few of the other participants who were taking the event seriously.

Crocker takes pride in the fact that The Pub handles most of the trouble at the Pub in house. According to Crocker, they only have to call the cops about once a year.

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