UAF Sports Brief – April 2, 2010

By Reba Lean
Sun Star Reporter

In the farthest east game played since 1993, the no. 4 regional-seeded Nanooks took on the no. 1-seeded Boston College for their NCAA championships’ semi-final debut. On Friday, the Nooks lost the historic game in Worcester, Massachusetts, 3-1, but most were more proud to have made it there than anything. This was the UAF Nanooks’ first appearance at an NCAA Division I tournament.

During a power play in the second period, the Nanooks made their only goal in the tournament. Freshman Andy Taranto, who didn’t make it to the CCHA playoffs, scored the goal, tying the score at one.

Early in the third period, Boston put another puck into the Nanooks’ net. The Nooks responded with a gut-wrenching crossbar clank that never made it in the goal. With 12 seconds remaining in the game, the Boston Eagles were awarded their third goal of the night.

Goalie Scott Greenham made 29 saves throughout the night. Senior Dion Knelsen was the player who assisted rookie Taranto’s goal. Dustin Sather had the unlucky crossbar shot in the third period.

The Nooks were out of the running, but the trip across the country for the Division I tournament will not soon be forgotten. Fans crowded the Patty Center this weekend to watch a big screen-televised game, and some even followed the team to Massachusetts.

“I was real proud of the way our team competed for our first time being in the tournament, how they handled themselves in this environment,” Coach Dallas Ferguson said in a Nanook press release.

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