UAF Sports Briefs – Feb. 23, 2010

By Reba Lean
Sun Star Reporter

Men’s Basketball

The Nanook men’s second in-conference win this season saved a road trip after an earlier loss. At St. Martin’s University on Thursday, the Nanooks failed to stay afloat as they battled the Saints for a lead. With six lead changes in the first 10 minutes of the second half, the Washington team finally took charge with 10:43 left on the clock. Taking the Nooks on a 28-11 run for the rest of the game, the Saints came out on top, 95-71.

Thursday’s bummer called for some kind of response from the Alaskan team so on Saturday afternoon against the Western Oregon Wolves, they came up with one. Up against the one-rank-higher Wolves, the Nanooks bounced out of a hole they had been stuck in for awhile. Senior Jon Moe’s rollercoaster-like season hit a peak when he scored a career-high 37 points for his team.

A tumultuous first half with runs on both sides of the court left the Nanooks behind 49-41. In the second half, the fired up Nooks took off like rockets and didn’t look back after 15:55. Great contributions from Moe, senior Emmanuel Jenkins with 25 points, junior Nash Maynard with 11 points and 14 rebounds, and junior Joe Powell with 11 points and 10 rebounds helped win the game, 95-83.

Women’s Basketball

Two losses were added to the Nanook women’s slump last weekend. Thursday night started as a tight race to the basket between the sixth-ranked St. Martin’s and ninth-ranked Alaska. 11 lead changes in the first half kept the ladies on their toes, and sent them to the locker room at the half up by one, 37-36. In the second half, the Saints pushed ahead and left the Nooks behind for a while. The Nanooks managed to work up enough fury to put them ahead two points, but lost it again at the end, when the Saints took them on an 8-0 run. Although freshman Adrienne Beans stepped up her game, contributing six three-pointers, the Nooks lost 80-74.

The Nooks followed their Thursday loss up with another against Western Oregon on Saturday. The Wolves outran the Nooks from the very beginning. By the half, the Oregon team was up 21 points. Senior Lakeshia Levi’s game-high eight rebounds didn’t pull enough weight. The fifth-ranked Oregon team easily took the game, 102-61.


Five Alaska skiers were named to the Central Collegiate Ski Association All-Conference Teams this past week. Four women, including undefeated senior Aurelia Korthauer (the only Nanook to make it to the first team), seniors Anna Coulter and Julia Pierson and sophomore Theresia Schnurr made the honors, while junior John Parry made it to the men’s second team.

On Saturday, freshman Tyler Kornfield qualified for the 2010 NCAA Skiing Championships after earning fourth place at Michigan Tech University’s 10-kilometer classic race. Aurelia Korthauer’s record became tarnished as she took a tumble down a hill, but she still managed to finish for fifth place.

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