Superbowl Party at the Pub

by Eric Bennett

Sun Star Copy Editor


This year’s Super Bowl drew in a crowd of both enthusiastic fans and casual watchers to the Pub, where free pizza and raffle prizes filled in time between plays.Super Bowl XLIX pitted the New England Patriots against the Seattle Seahawks. Last year, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos 43-8. Judging by the colors and uniforms the Pub-goers wore, it seemed like there were a majority of Seahawks fans among the almost 100 viewers.

Seahawk fans celebrate their team’s first touchdown in the 2015 Super Bowl, which the Patriots went on to win 28-24. – Eric Bennett / Copy Editor

There was a common reason for choosing the Seahawks over the Patriots, mainly the distance from Fairbanks to Seattle.

“Seattle is closer,” Jeff Evan, senior justice student said, “That’s why I like them. I’m hoping for a close game, an exciting game.” Evans mentioned that he’s from Juneau, which makes him an even closer fan of Seattle than in Fairbanks.

“I’m from the West Coast. I have to support the home and Seattle is closer to Alaska,” Patrick Namwembe, a junior political science student said.

Others had more of a commitment to their team of choice, such as Kristian Jorgenson-Geise, a senior criminal justice student.

“I’m hoping for a fast-paced offensive from the Seahawks and Tom Brady. Beast mode,” he said. “I’ve always been a Seahawks fan. He’s just a friend that I let borrow a jersey,” he added, gesturing towards his friend sitting next to him.

Out in the corner of the group of attendants, Evan Charles, a sophomore anthropology student, leapt up from his seat and shouted, “Who ever scores first wins!” after the first touchdown by the Patriots.

“I’m a losers fan. I want whoever is going to lose to win. Screw (the Seahawks) because they have more fans,” Charles said.”Now that (the Patriots) are ahead, what am I going to do?”

By half-time the score was an even 14-14.

“I’m hoping for a win, but I like it to be even until the 4th,” Megan McHugh, who is from Seattle and is a senior biology student said. Wearing a Seahawks hat, she sat next to Kaley Sikes, who wore a Patriots jersey. “She’s a relative, so it’s okay,” McHugh said.

Towards the end of the final quarter, the Pub became much more lively with people becoming louder and more vocal in their cheers as he game came down to the final moments. At the end, the game ended 28-24 Patriots.

“It was awful,” Bobby Pendleton, TV Master Control Operator at KUAC said, “The Seahawks were a little embarrassing with the fights they got into. They shouldn’t be representing my team in that way.”

“I wanted the losers to win,” Charles, who was out of his seat, enthusiastically cheering during the last minutes. “They did.”

Meanwhile, Dmitri Kondik, intern professor, was too overcome with emotions to express his feelings for the Seahawk’s loss in words. “Hnng! Errg! Aagh!” he said.

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