Terrain park hosts all-ages competition

by Zayn Roohi

Photo Editor


With nonstop cheers from the sidelines, it was clear that Saturday’s rail competition at the Hulbert Terrain Park didn’t fail to impress.


Saturday’s competition had a vast range of skill level, from middle schoolers trying out jumps to high school students who could do advanced flips and grinds. – Zayn Roohi / Photo Editor

Skiers and snowboarders of all ages were allowed into the free competition, which more than 50 people showed up for. In addition, prizes such as goggles and a new snowboard were provided by REI for the top placers.

Competitors were allowed three runs, of which only the two best were scored on a scale of zero to 10. This allowed participants to do something daring without worrying about being deducted according to the event’s organizer.

“They’re going to be judged on difficulty, of course, and tricks. You can do the same tricks over and over again, your best score is out of two runs,” Cassie Glassow, terrain park employee, said.

From staff to students to parents, it seemed everyone was excited.


A snowboarder grinds along a rail during the 13-17 age portion of the terrain park competition on Saturday. – Zayn Roohi / Photo Editor

“It’s fun, we have all our friends here,” West Valley senior Josh Chavez said.

“It’s fun, I’ve been doing this for four years, it’s just fun to get out,” West Valley senior Kyle Tomas said.

The Terrain Park was built two years ago for students to use, and is located across the road and below the UA museum.

This was not the first competition hosted by the terrain park. Last year UAF hosted the Arctic Winter Games, and several all-ages competitions.

UAF plans to host more competitions in the future.


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