Top earners include chancellor and deans

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Of the highest paid campus employees, four are professors, 23 are administrators—and only three are women.

According to UAF salary data provided by University Relations, Interim Chancellor Dana Thomas is the highest-paid employee at $300,000 per year. The provided data did not include other campuses or UA system employees.

Of the 28 individuals in the top one percent of earners, there are three women; Susan Henrichs, Kari Burrell, and Annette LaBelle-Hamer, who are the provost, the vice chancellor of administrative services, and the Geophysical Institute’s senior administrator officer respectively. Henrichs is the second highest paid university employee overall.

Also in the top one percent are coaches in the athletics department.

The hockey program’s coach, Dallas Ferguson, is also the highest paid individual in UAF Advancement and Outreach and makes roughly $162,000. The next highest paid coach is Mickey Durham, who coaches basketball and makes nearly $60,000 less than Ferguson.

The highest paid professor, Kevin Berry from the School of Management, is the ninth highest paid employee overall. Berry is an associate accounting professor as well as an associate dean. He makes roughly $191,000.

The Geophysical Institute has the highest average salary, at $70,141, out of all the seven schools and colleges as well as the other units including the museum, facilities and the Arctic Institute of Biology. Of just the schools and colleges, the School of Education has the lowest average salary at $33,269.

The highest paid individual in every school or college is the dean.

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