With apologies to David Letterman, Top 10 Signs Spring Is Here

10. Every passing day makes it more difficult to sit inside when I could be paddling on the Chena. Right about now, I’m grateful that we’re on the semester system and halfway done with classes, rather than starting a round of new ones. Kudos to whomever thought that one through.

9. Babies are everywhere! The cutest ones are furry, have four legs and are featured on the cover and page 5 of this issue. Gush away.

8. ASUAF and the Alaska Legislature are tweaking their 2010-2011 budgets and the Board of Regents is drafting its guidelines for 2012 budget requests. There are a lot of budget-related stories to cover, and it will be interesting to see how things play out over the next few months. One month from now, we should know whether or not the Life Sciences Building is a go and just how much a graduate student affairs director is paid. But right now? My money is on just one certainty: there will be more twists before anything is straightened out.

7. Murphy’s Law says that now that we can [almost] wear t-shirts and shorts, everyone has half a dozen bruises. The culprit? The puddles that form during the day, freeze at night and send students flying the next morning.

6. The aforementioned puddles are the result of melting snow. And that snow means that trash tossed into snow banks is starting to surface. There’s a campus clean-up planned as part of SpringFest service, but there’s plenty to be picked up before then if you take a bag with you on your way to class.

5. The air smells different. Sometimes it smells like break-up and sometimes it smells like barbeque. I’m more excited for the latter. Food tastes better outside, and there are brats and salmon in the freezer just waiting to be grilled.

4. This weekend, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony will blare across campus as runners (and walkers) take to the streets for the 16th annual Beat Beethoven Run. My mom is coming for the Fairbanks’ running season kick-off for the fourth year in a row, and her visit is as much a part of spring as the event itself.

3. The sun is out. The long days leave lots of time for adventuring (and way more motivation to go outside than to sit at a computer working), and I got a little sunburned this weekend when I was outside, surrounded by reflective ice.

2. Fall registration is open. For the first time in seven years, I haven’t pored through a book of classes trying to decide what next semester has in store for me. It’s a relief to have one less thing to worry about, although figuring out what comes next isn’t any less stressful than deciding on classes.

1. Innocent bystanders beware. I’m a big fan of squirt guns, and use them indiscriminately in the spring and summer. Consider this fair warning.

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  1. Kelley Ryan says:

    I like all of it.. the fair warning.. if only the sunstar windows opened.. cheers to clean campus and springfest service 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kelley!

    Fortunately, I can reach your office without needing the windows to open 🙂

  1. April 6, 2010

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