Woman on the street

“What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day this Sunday?”

– Addis Gonzalez/ Sun Star Journalist

Brian“Wait… it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday? My mom’s in Mexico right now so I don’t know what I’m going to get her. Probably nothing until she gets back.”

-Brian Baart, junior mechanical engineering student

Ryan“She’s in Arizona. I could get her a scarf from Fairbanks.”

– Ryan Yazzie, sophomore airframe and powerplant student

Pearson“I’ll probably just call my mom up, tell her I love her.

-Pearson Bradie, junior chemistry student

Karsten“Yeah, I’ll probably call my mom because I’m broke.”

-Karsten Rempel, junior petroleum engineering student

Keith“This Sunday? Mother’s Day is not this Sunday. For Mother’s Day I’m giving her my degree. She’s a single mom working two jobs and I got this degree for her.”

– Keith Sheard, justice (graduated 2014) student

"I'll probably write a letter." - Deanna Knutson, freshman undeclared student“I’ll probably write a letter.”

– Deanna Knutson, freshman undeclared student

Samantha“I didn’t even know Mother’s Day was this Sunday. If I get her anything, it would be a book.”

– Samantha Knutson, junior national resource management student

Naomi“I’m probably going to send her flowers or a beautiful hippy skirt.”

– Naomi Cohen, sophomore psychology student

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